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MAC Live It Up Lipglass Playland Collection: Review and Swatches

mac live it up lipglass playland collection review swatches blog

MAC Playland Collection Live It Up Lipglass Review

By Contributor: Aditi

I hope you guyz know the feeling when you are like wwwhhhaaa and so excited about something and then when you get it its like lo “babaji ka thullu” kinds! Well this very recently happened to me with the Playland Collection 2014 launched by MAC which was much raved about all over the world by beauty bloggers and youtubers alike and I was like it has to be in my life. I was eyeing the Live It Up Lipglass for the longest time and waiting for its launch in India. I was on my vacation at my home which has no MAC store around but after having a conversation with a sweet friend of mine my running heart calmed as she said not to worry as she would courier me what ever stuff I wanted so I got the patent polish lip pencil (which I would review soon) and this lipglass. Let’s

      start with the review and swatches.

mac live it up lipglass playland collection review swatches india

My Review:

I got the lipglass from the much coveted mac playland collection in the shade LIVE IT UP that in the swatches seemed to be a really pretty bright in the face orange color but to my disappointment turned out to be some kind of I don’t know peachy-orangy-not-beautiful nude on my lips (I hope you can understand my feelings when this happened) because I like a pretty little child without looking in the mirror applied the product just feeling that I would surprise myself by seeing a pretty pop of orange but all my excitment shot down with double the speed when I saw the mirror. I was like where is my orange color.. like where is it!

mac live it up lipglass playland collection reviews

When I swatched it on my hand it was like oh what a pretty colour but on the lips as I told you it wasn’t that. Well that was all kind of dispointment I would like to talk.. but you know it turned out to be a pretty non brown nude with a hint of orange on my lips. The color goes on really sheer even tough my lips are not much pigmented.

mac live it up lipglass playland collection review swatches

So basically I don’t love this lipglass in the way I was supposed to love it, but I love it in way it was not expected to be loved in. I hope this just made sense.

mac live it up lipglass playland collection review swatch

Swatches in natural light

mac live it up lipglass playland collection review lip swatches

Here is how it looks on my lips

mac live it up lipglass playland collection review lip swatch

The Good Things About MAC Live It Up Lipglass:

  • Comes in the regular mac lipglass tube with a doe foot applicator
  • It feels a little less fevicoly(sticky) on the lips as compared to other MAC lipglasses
  • It does not bleed
  • Is long wearing..about 4hrs with sone lays and thumbsup going on

The Not-So-Good Things About MAC Live It Up Lipglass:

  • This boy settles in to lip lines but that’s not very noticeable. To explain: the orangy color seems to go into the lines and the sheer color spreads all over the lips

mac live it up lipglass playland collection review

 Price: Rs.1100 (priced as the regular mac lipglasses)

 VNA Rating: 3.5/5

Over all I would not really recommend it. Infact If I had swatched this at the store I would not have got this but the good thing is it can be worn every day and my MAC lovechild will be put to rest for some time.

Have you used Live It Up? Share your views with us.

19 thoughts on “MAC Live It Up Lipglass Playland Collection: Review and Swatches”

  1. The swatch looks perfect on your hand.. but on lips it does not come even close to orange. On lips it is giving more of a natural look.. thanks for heads up honey… The moment I saw the title of your post I thought this is my orange lip color.. but wohhhh!

  2. Well the felling u had wen u saw the title was the same feeling I had wen I saw it in the tube and the felling u had on seeing the lips swatches was exactly the felling I had wen I saw my self wearing it
    Like nnaaahhhhiiiiiiiiiii

  3. May be you dont like it but still it looks kind of great on ur lips or may be ur lips look so amazing… I just love those :)

    • Yeah as I told in the eralier u could use it over a hot matte shade to town it down..
      Im nc 35 to 37 bt doesnt wash me out

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