MAC La Vie En Rouge Matte Lipstick: Review and Swatches

Review of MAC Lipstick La Vie En Rouge from the Matte Lip Collection

By Contributor: Samannita

After the embarrassing name like Good kisser now it was time for a tongue twister. I’m talking about La Vie En Rouge lipstick from the new MAC Matte Lip Collection which I will review and swatch today. I was confused about how exactly should I pronounce this French word? So this time instead of buying it from the mac store I bought it from a seller who was taking orders on mac lipsticks. I tried my best to avoid any embarrassing situation but..

Hubby: nice color….Mac?
Me: errrrr…yes (as I knew the next question..the price!)
Hubby: Price?
Me: (bingo!) it’s the usual price
Hubby: name?
Me: (ohh god! Why me every time) La vie en rouge
Hubby: la what? Did you speak English?
Me:- no it’s French!
Hubby: you know that language? You never told me in our 5 yrs. of marriage (surprised)
Me: Oh God!!


MAC Claims: The Matte Lip is here to stay. Create a standout look with the fashion-forward new shades of our iconic matte lipstick. Vibrant hues like fuchsia Velvet Violet and La Vie En Rouge are a bold contrast to the rich burgundy of Fashion Revival and nude of Styled in Sepia. For the best in colour intensity, Pro Longwear Lip Pencils in super-saturated shades to make a modern statement. Go for the cool rouge of Trust in Red or boost it up with new Bespoken For, a dark, creamy plum. For a polished finish, accent with the soft, pinky hues of Pro Longwear Blush – long-lasting colour that’s purely fabulous.

My Review:

La vie en rouge is one of hottest shades in this collection. It comes in the usual black case packaging like the permanent line so there is no price hike in the name of limited edition.

I already own a few orange red shades from Mac like lady danger and dangerous but they never turned out that orange that I was looking for in the coral range of lipsticks. And La vie en rouge is describe by Mac as a matte bright orange coral, which might scare people who want to buy it and so was I but still couldn’t stop myself from getting it. And I am really happy with the shade as it is the exact coral lipstick that I was looking for. If I try to describe the shade in my own way then it is a bright orange lipstick with strong red undertones which is just perfectly for on my NC 35 Indian skin.

 Although in swatches it looks more pic don’t know why

The shade is pretty pigmented and stays for approx. 6 hours on my lips without fading unless you having heavy oil rich meals. The lipstick leaves a strong stain on my lips which I quite like it as I can wear it like a stain for next few hours (if I don’t get a chance for touch ups).

Even though its matte in texture the lipstick doesn’t tug or pull my lips, glides easily and smoothly. It is more creamy matte which I quite like it as in winters retro matte turns out horrible on my lips but this one thankfully didn’t but still proper exfoliation and moisturization of lips is always suggested. In short I am a happy puppy!

Pros of MAC La Vie En Rouge Lipstick:

  • Regular packaging so being limited edition it is not overpriced as like other limited edition collections.
  • Beautiful coral red shade.
  • Stays on for pretty much 6 hours.
  • Leaves a strong orange stain on my lips.
  • The vanilla scent.

Cons of MAC La Vie En Rouge Lipstick:

  • Already out of stock in a lot of Mac stores in India.

Price: Rs.1450

VNA Rating: 4.5/5

My Recommendation: If your criteria of an orange lipstick is same as mine (something which has a strong orange tone with hint of red if that makes sense!) then this lipstick is worth buying. It will brighten up your complexion and make your teeth look a little more whiter.

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