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MAC Harmony Blush: Review, Swatch, Dupe and FOTD

MAC  Harmony Blush Review Swatches india

Harmony Powder Contouring Blush by MAC Review

By Contributor: Mahima

SO this MAC blush has been an old favorite of mine for contouring purpose although you can use it as bronzer or even blush but if you are extremely pale then using it as a blush wont be that flattering on your skin but if you are somewhere between nc30-nc45 then it will look extremely gorgeous on you. I personally have used it a lot and I’ve got so so many compliments on the way it looked on my skin. This is a warm toned blush but not too warm I would actually say that it’s a NUETRAL tone blush, it is neither orangey nor too ashy. It is a matte and extremely muted rosy brown shade. Yes I’m talking about MAC Harmony which I will review and swatch today.

MAC claims: MAC describes it as a ‘muted rose-beige brown’ which is completely matte.

MAC Harmony Blush Review Swatches blog

Packaging: It has the standard black MAC packaging, which is quite travel friendly. The lid is not at all flimsy and shuts with a ‘tick’ sound. The case h as a mirror lid for easy identification. It comes both in this original packaging with a case as well as a refill pan. If you have a Z palette then the refills are a good option because that way you can have your own customized palette.

MAC Harmony Blush Review

MAC Harmony is a subtle beige brown shade. It can work as a warm blush for medium to dark Indian skin tones. For the lighter girls you can use it as a bronzer or even a contouring powder which is how I love it the most. This is said to be the best blush by MAC for bronzing and contouring purposes because of its soft matte powder finish. It doesn’t have any shimmer in it. I’ve seen so many girls with different skin colors using it and it looks absolutely gorgeous.

MAC Harmony Blush Review Swatches

Swatches in natural light

MAC Harmony Blush Review Swatch

Here is how it looks on me. I did this look for the contouring and highlighting tutorial where you can see more FOTDs of me wearing it.

Things that rock about MAC Harmony Blush:

  • Multi-functional product, could be used as a blush, bronzer and contour according to your skin tones. You can even use it as an eye shadow.
  • Not too orangey or ashy.
  • Works well with almost all Indian skin tones.
  • Long wearing. Stays on really nicely on my combination skin. I’ve personally worn it for about 10 hours on my sister’s wedding and it stayed on pretty well.
  • Holds quite a lot of product.
  • Travel friendly packaging.
  • Available in refill form as well and that is actually cheaper than the single pot packaging.
  • Value for money.

Things that shock about MAC Harmony Blush:

  • PRICEY as MAC prices are rising extensively. But as I said earlier this is value for money.
  • Might not look that attractive as a blush for extremely pale skin tones.
  • Might not work as a contour for extremely dark skin tones. I would suggest to use Blunt by MAC if you are quite dark.

MAC Harmony Blush Review Swatches photo

Price: Rs.1500 (alright so MAC has been crazily hiking their price)

VNA Rating: 4.5/5 (-0.5 as it does not work too well as a blush for extremely pale skin and as a contour for extremely dark skin)

Dupe: Avon Ideal Luminous Blush Earthen Rose

Final verdict: MAC Harmony Blush is a soft matte beige brown shade. Well, I love it. No LOOVVVEEEEE this blush so ladiesss what are you waiting for? GET IT RIGHT NOW, and let me tell you it stays out of stock most of the time.

Have you tried Harmony blush? Share your views with us.

29 thoughts on “MAC Harmony Blush: Review, Swatch, Dupe and FOTD”

    • yes aditi perfect for contouring, price? they raised it again -.- but trust me this is value for money, you get 6g of product which lasts forever even if you use it daily and thankyou :)

  1. so guys, i was at the mac store yesterday and the price has been raised to 1500 for all the blushes, but the price applies to only the new stock as the old stock is still at the same price, so hurry up and get your hands on the old stock asap.


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