MAC Fanfare Cremesheen Lipstick: Review, Swatches, Dupe

Review, Swatches, Dupes, Price of MAC Fanfare Cremesheen Lipstick

By Contributor: Mansi

“Its sad… so sad. It’s a sad sad situation” Yes, I feel Elton John’s pain every single time I walk into a MAC Store with a strict budget that I have to stick to. I mean there is so much to buy, yet so little to spend! So much so that I have to literally promise myself not to binge on the luscious lipsticks, the array of colourful blushes and don’t even get me started on their eye shadow collection. On my last visit to a MAC store I landed up treating myself to another one of MAC Lipsticks, this time a MAC Cremesheen in FANFARE

which I will review and swatch today.

You see people like me should have those eye focus flaps..the kinds that are used on horses which keep them from being distracted and help them focus on the path ahead. Yes I could definitely use a pair when visiting the MAC store! So last week when I visited the store in Promenade to buy a birthday present for a friend, I couldn’t help browsing through the store..and just as I was “browsing” the lipstick junction appeared right in front of me. Yep! That’s right! Now what chance could a defenseless little kid like me have in front of the so mighty, so colourful and so captivating MAC Lipstick Stand. I was prisoner and so long s tory short I got Fanfare.

My Review:

Product & Packaging – This Pink Lady came packaged in the standard MAC Lipstick packing with a Black and Silver Click cover. The exterior of the lipstick has the brand name embossed on it with the bottom part carrying a sticker of the Shade name and number details. MAC Lipsticks have had this packaging for as long as I can remember ! Its not fancy.. but standard and easy to use.  As I am sure most of you are aware, MAC offers different textures in their lipsticks, this particular one belonging to the Cremesheen Range. As the name suggests the texture of Fanfare is creamy without being overtly glossy. It is pretty easy to apply and gives a smooth finish to the lips. It is a perfect balance between matte and gloss sticks. Crèmesheen Lipsticks by MAC although are a little moisturizing on the lips, are at their best if your lips aren’t too dry or have cuts in them. For extremely dry lips, it would be better to even out your lips by applying some balm prior to applying the lipstick so as to avoid the settling of the colour into lines and cracks.

The shade Fanfare is a nice warm pink with a tinge of yellow in it. It’s a rich colour with the right pigmentation which swipes true to the colour of the stick. One application lasts for about 4 hours and can survive a light meal too. The tube has a fragrance which is particular to all MAC lipsticks..a slight vanilla which is not overbearing at all and does not cause irritation.

Suitability –  Now, a very surprising aspect of MAC Fanfare is that it somehow takes different tones on different people! I noticed it first when my sister tried it on and it somehow looked completely different on her rosy medium complexion as compared to my light and pale complexion. It somehow seemed more coral on her. Another reason could also be that the pigment registers differently on different lip colours but it did look beautiful nonetheless. It’s a pretty warm pink which would go on all fair to medium Indian complexions, I believe.

Availability – The product is available in various MAC Stores in India.  I would advise you to take a trip to one of the MAC retail stores and I assure you, you wouldn’t be disappointed. And I d suggest you carry the Focus Blinders if you are a shopper anywhere close the kind I am!

Pros of MAC Fanfare Cremesheen Lipstick:

  • Creamy, weightless Formula which is soothing on the lips
  • Extremely wearable for a lot of different occasions
  • An apt staying power
  • Perfectly Pigmented
  • Pleasant Fragrance
  • Easy to wipe off with no residual colour

Cons of MAC Fanfare Cremesheen Lipstick:

  • Can be a little expensive on the pocket.
  • Tends to form lines on dry lips which leads to colour clogging in cracks.

Price: Rs.1450

VNA Rating: 4.5/5

MAC Fanfare Dupes: Colorbar Thrilling Pink, Nyx Tea Rose

My Take: I adore this lip colour by MAC. The best part about MAC Fanfare apart from the fact that its extremely comfortable to wear and has great texture is that I can team it up with almost any look. Its creamy formula is very easy to apply on the lips and not only works well  with different looks but is also perfect for everyday wear, specially if you are an office goer! It gives a soft pink touch to my face and I have been complimented on the colour a lot many times. Silver Tip – It can also be combined with a clear lip gloss for a more formal look. If you have dry lips, I would suggest you to exfoliate and condition them prior to applying this colour. Although it can be a little pricey on the pocket specially if you have been using MAC Lipsticks for a long time and you remember the good old days when they were priced at Rs.990!! Boo Hoo! Nonetheless, the colour, the texture and just about everything about it has made Fanfare a staple for me.

Have you used MAC Fanfare Cremesheen Lipstick? Share your reviews with us.

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