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MAC Face and Body Foundation: Review, Swatches and FOTD

Mac Face and Body Foundation Review swatches blog


MAC Face & Body Foundation in N1 Review

By Contributor: Agnirupa

This was a review Anshu had been so excited about from the day I told her I had bought MAC Face and Body! So let me start off by being very sorry for delay. I had coveted this foundation for the last 1.5 years but due to shade mismatch and stock issues always came back empty-handed from the store (as my shade was C2 which was somehow perpetually OOS at the MAC store here) However, the last time I went, the new SA made me sit down and apply N1 on my face which looked perfect and I skipped and hopped with my Face & Body foundation bottle back home!

MAC Claims: A fluid foundation that provides low-to-medium buildable coverage and a flawless, natural satin-shine finish. Skin conditioning, water-resistant and long-wearing. Available in 2 sizes- 120ml and 50ml

Mac Face and Body Foundation Review swatches india

My Review:

The foundation comes in the cutest and most convenient packaging ever with a light yet sturdy plastic baby bottle type body with a nozzle mouth and black screw cap. Very easy to dispense product and carry it around without fear of spillage.

The texture is pure delight- its just waterrrr..smooth, watery, cooling spreads and blends like a dream on skin and contrary to many beliefs I do not rub it on to increase coverage or work it in my skin..i just slather it on and pat it gently and it gives me the most magical and realistic finish on skin. I can hardly believe myself I have put any foundation on!

Mac Face and Body Foundation Reviews

The shade N1 is great for me as it does not lean towards yellow at all and is just neutral in undertone. Its very very sheer and light coverage, very like a tinted moisturizer so do not expect it to cover dark circles/ stubborn spots! It instead gives skin an overall luminosity, a glow while evening out your real skin tone, smoothing out minor flaws and issues.

Definitely a daily day wear delight. It does not accentuate pores or other flaws and dry-normal skins will love it the most..however I have combination-oily skin and do need to set it with a setting powder in this horribly humid weather otherwise it goes oily in a couple of hours! In winter its gonna be my go-to foundation. Being water resistant, it does not streak/crease or melt away and lasts really really long on skin.

Mac Face and Body Foundation Review swatches

Left: Unblended, Right: Blended

Mac Face and Body Foundation Review swatch

On me- just F&B on face- pardon other flaws, as I said this is not high coverage

Mac Face and Body Foundation Review swatches indian skin

set with powder

Mac Face and Body Foundation Review swatches fotd

The pros of MAC Face and Body Foundation:

  • Very convenient, light sturdy plastic bottle packaging with a nozzle mouth
  • Sheer, delightful watery texture- glides and blends like second skin with fingers
  • Does not emphasize pores/other skin flaws!
  • Evens out complexion and gives a salon facial like luminous healthy glow
  • Nobody including yourself can prove you have got makeup on
  • Does not melt/ streak/oxidize
  • Has a mild smell which I like a lot!

The cons of MAC Face and Body Foundation:

  • Not suitable if you are looking for high coverage/ have stubborn pigmentation issues
  • If you have very oily skin and love a matte finish, do skip this!

Mac Face and Body Foundation Review

Price: Rs. 1700 for 50ml

VNA Rating: 5/5

Do I recommend? This is one of those rare hyped thingys which actually turn out to be worth it. I am so glad I tried this out and I love it so very much and want to put it on every single day! I have oily-combi skin and still I love it to death! It looks so very natural on me and I adore that lovely glow! Do try this one out everyoneee!!