Mac Dangerous Lipstick (Retro Matte Collection) Swatches and Review

MAC Dangerous Retro Matte Lipstick

By Contributor: Agnirupa Acharyya

Well..miracles do happen and my today’s post just proves it! Otherwise how could a city so trashed about its notorious OOS famous MAC store (yep am talking about my city Kolkata) launch the Retro Matte collection over which the world is going crazy almost a month before the other hot shot metro cities with 20 MAC stores still waiting for the launch?! I picked up the phone when they called from the store and reeled from shock and reserved 2 lipsticks in a flash! Here is coming to review and swatch on of them today- Mac Dangerous!

MAC Claims: Dangerous is described as a orangey red matte.  In a of course, retro matte finish.

My Review:

The color Dangerous is not quite so dangerous as named (simply because we are used to MAC’s brighter cousins- candy yum yum and lady danger) though this shade is a slightly muted version of lady danger being orangey with strong red undertones and surprisingly suits a wide variety of Indian skintones.

The pigmentation is mind boggling! A half swipe and boom! You are left after a holi match lip pigmentation? What’s that ? Retro mattes make you forget your lips are a different color than the shade you are wearing!

The texture as is evident is the bapp of all the mattes – retro matte! It is definitely not as crayon like as Ruby Woo is and kind of is a satin matte finish which dries into a super matte one! But oh well its not exactly a cakewalk to apply let me tell you if you have no lip balm on or if your lips are seasonally dry! (mine are right now) It can be very unforgiving on uncared lips but then again, on exfoliated and hydrated lips it poses no issue.

The lipstick does tend to dry over time and balm touch ups come as a welcome relief! That being said and done the wear time omg! It survived my gravy snack, my slurpy lunch and almost through my golgappes in the evening when it finally gave way to a bright stain which refused to go until shooed off with an oil based remover – no arguing! MAC makes the best matte lipsticks in town.

The retro matte collection disappointingly comes in the normal MAC black packaging which I love no doubt but for such a hyped collection had hoped for a teeny bit more but then if nice packaging means a higher thank you MAC we are fine.

Swatches of Mac Retro Dangerous in natural light

And here is a lip swatch of the matte lipstick – notice the tiny flakes?

Lip swatches gallery – how Dangerous looks on my lips!

The pros of Mac Dangerous Retro Matte Lipstick:

  • Travel friendly, standard MAC packaging.
  • Nicer and smoother in texture with respect to the only retro matte we all know- Ruby Woo!
  • Madly pigmented and covers up lips in a opaque matte finish in about half a swipe
  • The color Dangerous is a dark orangey red matte which is very flattering on most skintones and much easier to carry off than many other in-your-face shades.
  • The staying time is marvelous and lasts on and on through the day , persisting as a bright stain at last!
  • Yummy vanilla fragrance!

The cons of Mac Dangerous:

  • As a retro matte it does tend to be a bit drying and for ladies who have very dry lips or those who dislike mattes umm..don’t even venture near these!
  • Does accentuate fine lines/dry patches on lips if worn without a balm -see the lip swatches

Well I am still yet to get other two shades I want from this range but when and if I do I promise to be back and bouncing with the colors and reviews! Muahhss ladies! Keep smiling till the next time.

Price: a regular Rs.990 for their standard 3 changes here!

My Rating: 3.5/5

Do I recommend? Mac Dangerous is a true matte orange shade with red tones which is not as shriekworthy as lady danger and definitely not so jarring on the eyes. So go ahead, give this a try. Everybody is running pell-mell for these lipsticks of the retro matte collection and no wonder true mattes are really hard to find and that too in such bold and delectable shades! Abhi I cannot recommend *smirk* as you guys can’t even try these out at the store but oh well come 24th and I am sure as hell you are all going to pick up at least 2-3 from these!

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