MAC By Request Glam Lipstick: Review, Swatches and Dupe

MAC Glam Lipstick Review

By Contributor: Samannita

This year Glam, Hoop and Pink Poodle got the opportunity to return as MAC By Request lipsticks. Among these I bought the pretty matte red lipstick called Glam with the help of my friend Shivani (owner of Ordermakeup UK). The moment I saw the lipsticks I immediately decided which one to pick and the moment I got it, I knew it deserved to win the polls and return back from the 90s!

MAC Claims: Glam is a vivid, bright pinky-red. Hundreds of thousands of MAC Fans voted for their favorite rare shades of Lipstick, Lipglass and Eye Shadow from the 90s. Now is your chance to get them before they disappear forever – along with new matching Lipglass! Available only online while supplies last. 

My Review:

A lipstick that itself is named Glam need not be described how glam it is. Infact I am committed to Glam now! MAC Glam is a cool toned pinkish red. The shade has a satin texture as I don’t feel any tugging or pulling while applying the lipstick. One swipe is enough to give opaque coverage. Glam is a dramatic shade and reminds me of early 90’s.

The lipstick has their signature vanilla scent. Its consistency is creamy and non-drying though in the tube it looks like a true matte. It is undoubtedly a long lasting lipstick as the wear time is around 7 hours with a slight bit of even fading after heavy meals.

MAC Cosmetics announced that people who love to wear MAC had the opportunity to vote for limited edition products to make a return in a collection. MAC wearers voted via the brand’s official Facebook page and thousands of votes were counted and the most popular shades won and got the opportunity to be sold again until the supplies last. Three shades from three categories (lipstick, lipglass, and eyeshadow) have returned to MAC Cosmetics for a limited time. The products are available exclusively online, and are presented as the MAC by Request collection.

Good Points about MAC Glam Lipstick:

  • A perfect shade of 90’s that will give you a retro look.
  • Pigmented. One swipe is enough for opaque coverage.
  • Staying power is approx 6-7 hours.
  • The texture is creamy.
  • No tugging or pulling of lips while applying the lipstick.
  • A versatile red shade that will suit all Indian skin tones beautifully.

Bad points about MAC Glam Lipstick:

  • The lipstick is available only online and MAC doesn’t ship to India.

Price: $16 approx (Available only through MAC online site)

VNA Rating: 4/5

Dupe: MAC Red

My recommendation: As the lipstick return as “mac by request” so it is unavailable in India unless someone get it for you from abroad otherwise the lipstick is pretty dupable and it is very close to Mac Red lipstick so if you love the shade then you can grab the dupe one from the same brand.

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