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MAC Brush Cleanser: Review and Demo

MAC Brush Cleanser Review

MAC Brush Cleanser Review and Demo

By Contributor: Sharmistha Chowdhury

Cleansing is our daily regime which be religiously follow..Don’t we? Apart from being a lipstick hoarder as you all know, one thing I hoard is Makeup brushes. I like to have a bunch full of them. We all use makeup and Makeup Brushes are quite essential to achieve a flawless look. At the end of day we get all our brushes dirty and cleaning them is very..I mean really very important. I always make sure to clean my brushes at night after coming back from office so that I can use them the next morning. Its a tedious task, but the MAC Brush Cleanser makeup its very easy and quick. Let’s start the review along with a short demo with MAC 217 Brush.


MAC Brush Cleanser ingredients
MAC Brush Cleanser ingredients

After using regular Johnson and Johnson No More tears Shampoo and a regular Conditioner for 2 years, I recently started using the MAC Brush Cleaner. And let me tell you there is no looking back. MAC Brush Cleaner comes in a plastic bottle with a black flip top cap. Simple and easy packaging. The liquid inside is pink purple color.

MAC Brush Cleanser
MAC Brush Cleanser

This cleans brushes like magic, I mean just suck out all the dirt. Just give the brush a whole new look as if you just bought it new. The quantity required to clean a brush is little as you would requiring 4-5 drops for a single brush, so a little goes a long way. This works as disinfectant too so all the nasty bacteria is washed off. It has alcohol as one of the ingredient and smells of it too but not overpowering. This really helps your high end brushes to give a longer life.

What I like is a simple one stop solution for cleaning your brushes, no need of extra conditioner to make them soft post wash. As itself this cleaner makes your brushes quite soft. It really saves the cleaning time, roughly requires 5-6 minutes to clean them.

MAC Brush Cleanser review photo

How to use MAC Brush Cleanser :

1. When you have a large number of brusess to clean, take a quarter cup of the MAC cleanser and dilute it in a cup of water and then wash the brushes.

2. When you want to save time and be quick then take some cotton and add a few drops of the cleanser and rub your brush in it.

Here is a demo on the usage and directions of MAC Brush Cleanser. I have used MAC 217 Brush for the demo.

MAC Brush Cleanser Demo
MAC Brush Cleanser Demo – How to use

Pros of MAC Brush Cleanser:

  • Its a quick and easy solution and saves time.
  • Cleanses the brushes thoroughly.
  • No need for extra conditioning.
  • Disinfects the brushes too.
  • Keeps the quality of high end makeup brushes.
  • Inexpensive.

Cons of MAC Brush Cleanser:

  • Nothing!
MAC Brush Cleanser review india
MAC Brush Cleanser review

PriceRs. 650 (The cheapest product from MAC!)

VNA Rating: 5/5

Do I Recommend: MAC Brush Cleanser is great. This is a one stop solution for cleaning your brush babies! A little goes a long way. The bottle will last you forever. Its a disinfectant so that you are assured to have a dirt and bacteria free brush experience. Highly recommend!

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  1. You are right makeup brushes are so impoetant for flawless look and I think this kind of product is very essential to make sure that makeup brushes are always clean and in good condition. One thing more price tag of this clearner is also reasonable in my point of view. I am definitely buying it.


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