Lotus Herbals Youth RX Active Anti Ageing Exfoliator: Review, Price

Review, Price, Buy Online Lotus Herbals Youth RX Active Anti Ageing Exfoliator

By Contributor: Priya

When it comes to skin care, I cannot emphasize enough the role of a good exfoliator in a skin care regimen. A great exfoliator can make a huge amount of difference in your skin if used on the regular basis. I do have 2 HG face scrubs – both for different purposes. But that does not stop me from experimenting and trying out new launches. So today I will review another new scrub in the market which is the Lotus Herbals Youth Rx Gineplex Active Anti Ageing Exfoliator. Let’s know more about this one.

Lotus Herbals Claims: Its unique ‘TRIPLE ACTION FORMULA’ gently exfoliates, protects and nourishes the skin from within. Results: Instantly reveals younger and healthier looking skin

Active Ingredients: Vanilla Beans, Ginseng, Ginger, Milk Peptide Complex

My Review of Lotus Herbals Youth Rx Anti Ageing Exfoliator:

I have had a love-hate relationship with Lotus Herbals products. I absolutely love their sunscreens, face masks and exfoliators and abhor their facial moisturizers – day cream, night cream and the innumerable gels that they have. So when I first came across this scrub, I thought of giving it a try with zero expectations and a neutral mind. The SA also insisted me to try the Youth RX Serum and Face cream, but I blatantly denied, considering my past experience. But now after being in love with this baby since the last 1 month, I am certainly keyed up to try out the serum.

Packaging: When I first spotted this beautiful gold and purple tube standing in display at a beauty store, I could not believe it was Lotus Herbals!! It is basically a gorgeous royal gold and purple coloured shiny tube with a screw cap (that I dislike). The tube contains 100 ml of the product and is quite travel friendly. The only drawback of this product is that, the tube has a wide mouth which can spill a lot of product. Otherwise, I am super happy with the packaging.

Colour and Texture: The texture of this Lotus exfoliator is quite interesting. It’s a creamy white coloured scrub which turns into a light gel-like texture on smearing. This exfoliator has brown-ish black coloured scrubbing particles that do feel quite harsh on the skin. It is generally advisable that you must scrub your face for 60 seconds for deriving the optimum benefits

, but with this scrub you cannot do that. Also, you need to be very careful and scrub this over the face with a light hand.

Smell: Ok! This is the most difficult part for me because this fragrance is difficult to describe. This face scrub smells like some expensive after shave lotions, but with a herbal touch. Trust me, whatever the smell, I absolutely love it!! It is not overly strong by any means and also does not linger on the skin. But I do enjoy the awesome fragrance till the time I am scrubbing my face (which is less than a minute with this scrub).

Quality/Results: As far as the results are concerned, I am truly impressed!! I do have super oily acne prone sensitive skin (basically the most high maintenance skin ever) and this exfoliator did not dry out my skin or cause any irritations or break outs whatsoever. In fact, with regular use (twice a week for 1 month) it has brightened my skin considerably and also lightened my acne spots. Frankly speaking, I was expecting this product to be another run-of-a-mill kind of exfoliator with huge claims and no results. But I must admit that this baby left me flabbergasted with its performance in the very first use. It proved me wrong by all means and I proudly say that this is another permanent member in my skin care stash.

Pros of Lotus Herbals Youth RX Active Anti Ageing Exfoliator:

  • Revamped shiny tube packaging with golden and purple details
  • Creamy yet light texture
  • Cleans the face really well
  • Does not leave a residue on the face
  • Does not dry out the skin either
  • Beautiful smell – not overpowering and does not linger
  • Immediately brightens the skin
  • Does reduce the intensity of acne spots on the face
  • Did not break my extremely oily acne prone sensitive skin
  • Contains some really impressive and interesting natural ingredients
  • Meant for all skin types
  • Free of preservatives and harsh chemicals
  • Shelf life of 3 years
  • Affordable
  • Easily available online and in stores

Cons of Lotus Herbals Youth RX Active Anti Ageing Exfoliator:

  • Scrubbing particles are relatively huge and somewhat harsh
  • The tube has a big wide mouth!! Uuhhfff!!
  • Cannot much comment on the anti-ageing claim

Price in India: Rs.295 for 100ml

VNA Rating: 4.8/5

Where to Buy Online in India: amazon.in

Recommendation: I highly recommend this Youth Rx Gineplex Active Anti Ageing Exfoliator to all girls and ladies in their mid twenties and above. The results of this exfoliator are mind blowing and are visible from the very first use. I have been using this since the last 1 month, twice a week and I have noticed a major difference in my skin discoloration and uneven skin tone. The best part is that this awesome product is easily available and pretty affordable. Also, it suits all skin types. Do give it a go ladies, but be careful to scrub the face gently with this exfoliator.

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Have you used Lotus Herbals Youth RX Active Anti Ageing Exfoliator? Share your reviews with us.

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  • Nice review. I hope it does not break me out though as the mildest of exfoliators break me out pretty bad, but a girl needs something to smoothen out the skin right? Hope it works!!

    • Absolutely Urvi :-) Do give it a try and scrub with a light hand. I think it will work pretty well then :-)Thanks a lot for your comment :-)

    • Yeah Monica. This scrub is basically for people who get the ultimate satisfaction by scrubbing the dirt off their face :-)Thanks for your feedback :-)

  • definitley getting this cant tell u how much i like lotus professionals products but sometimes they are hard to locate i will ask my local salon aunty to get it if she can find it!

    • Well Rachna, this product is available on Nykaa.com.Thanks for your comment :-)

  • Wow I'm surely going to try this scrub .... I was hunting for good facial scrub and this one looks like a perfect match for my skin type

    • Definitely Shreya :-)Do give it a try, I'm sure you won't be disappointed :-) Thanks for your comment dear :-)

  • This is definitely gonna be my next scrub, ginseng is allegedly believed to replenish skin. It is a better form of ginger, and in fact is also used in cooking.

    • Wow, I din't know that !! Thanks for the heads up on that :-) I'm sure you'll love this scrub. Thanks a lot for commenting :-)

  • Very nice and helpful review. I too have oily sensitive skin. So I hope it will not break me out. I like some products from Lotus. This one even seems a budget buy from the brand. Will try it out soon. Thank you.

    • Exactly !! Finally Lotus Herbals revamped the packaging. Thanks for your comment :-)

  • Now lets get more knowledgeable about this stylish new range from Lotus herbals. New Lotus Herbals Youth Rx Anti Ageing Range - Price, Information and First Impressions!

  • I am 52 with blemishes and aging skin AND I challenge LOTUS youth rx to try this products on me for four weeks AND show if it stands true TO their claims AND I PROMISE TO publish my before AND after picture with a Very real testimonial . it's very difficult to trust these products as they show younger models AND older celebs who have managed TO keep their they show younger models AND older celebs who have managed TO keep their skin clear by spending tons of money. Let them prove IT on common People in applicable age GROUP.

  • Respected madam;

    My age is 34 i want my skin as 20 and glowing my skin have some whitates and hairs on chin is its possible pls reply i want to my confidence back i hope early and positive reply.



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