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Lotus Herbals Purestay Lipgloss Rose Bud Review and Swatch

lotus herbals purestay lipgloss rose bud review

Lotus Herbals Purestay Lipgloss Rose Bud

We are throwing a fresher’s welcome party to our juniors in my college tomorrow. But I’m not going. As opposed to the general image I project, I’m not a party person at all. I would much rather stay at home in my pajamas watching some new horror flick or doing a Friends marathon or really just sleeping! But if I were to go, Lotus Rose Bud (which I will review and swatch today) is the kind of lipgloss shade I would wear – deep brick red with no shimmer. Although I wish I had a lipstick in this shade since I’m a lipstick girl. But sometimes its really hard to make people understand why exactly I’m not going. The general responses I get are “whaaat? ghar se kidnap kar lenge

“, “ohhh..is it because you don’t have a dress?“, “you can choose from my dresses!“, “nooooo“. People meet me. My       name is Anshita and I’m not a party animal.

lotus herbals purestay lipgloss rose bud

Rose Bud is a deep red with a hint of brown in it and absolutely no shimmer. If you don’t like full blown reds then brick reds can be a safe territory. This shade would look really good on medium to dusky Indian skin. There is something in it which makes it a very bridal shade. And its madly pigmented. It gets opaque in just one swipe.

The texture is like a liquid lipstick. It thick but not gloopy. And being thick its a lot creamier than other lipglosses. And being creamy its ofcourse moisturising so it won’t dry your lips. As for the staying power, it stays for 2-3 hours which is pretty good for a lip gloss. I like the doe foot applicator that comes with it.

On the downside, like most red lipglosses or lipsticks, it bleeds. So use it with a lip liner and you are good.

These are the new Purestay lipglosses from Lotus Herbals which are a lot better than the botanical tinted lipglosses in terms of shades and formula. Do check out the other shades. I quite like Pink Hypnotic and Peach Pink. This is now my go-to red lipgloss ofcourse apart from my favourite red lipgloss.

Let’s check the photos and swatches:

lotus herbals purestay lipgloss rose bud review

lotus herbals purestay lipgloss rose bud review photo

Its a little bit more brighter than the swatches below

lotus herbals purestay lipgloss rose bud swatch

 Yes that’s how exactly it looks in person – look at the swatch below

lotus herbals purestay lipgloss rose bud swatches

Sorry no lip swatches or FOTD this time!

Price: Rs.395

VNA Rating: 4/5

So is it for you? Lotus Herbals Purestay Lipgloss Rose Bud is a deep brick red which would suit medium to dusky Indian skin tones beautifully. The formula is really good. Its very pigmented, thick, creamy and stays for some 2-3 hours. Its almost like a liquid lipstick. If you are a bride-to-be or just like wearing red lipsticks or lipglosses in general then this is the colour for you. Highly recommend.

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22 thoughts on “Lotus Herbals Purestay Lipgloss Rose Bud Review and Swatch”

  1. I’d rather stay home and watch tv, while eating chips, than go to any party. Who needs people when you have uncle chips? :D
    Very pretty shade. Brick red is the perfect description!

  2. Ah! always wanted to try out their glosses.Sadly couldnt find any girly shade to tempt me into buying one! *sigh*


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