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LOTD: Mane Attraction

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My Khoobsurat Moment #4

It was my cousin’s wedding recently..you must know going by the no. of selfies I posted on my instagram! And that is what kept me busy last week which also explains my absence from VNA and social media. Weddings are one of those occasions when you catch up with your cousins and think why you don’t do it more often! I was infact meeting some of my cousins after I don’t know how many years. I was waiting for everybody to go “omg you chopped off your hair!” but instead got variations of “wow which shampoo do you use” to “which hair style have you got”. When I revealed my beauty blog to everyone I had to answer all sorts of queries on hair care, hair colours, hair shine, frizz and what not!

I secretly thanked my recent at home hair colouring job with L’Oreal Paris Dark Chocolate.

indian girl long volume hair

And no Indian wedding is complete without nosy aunties trying to make you feel down. Oh you look so tanned and dull. Why don’t you join a gym? Where did you say you work? But thankfully none of that happened. I wonder why!

I think your mane can entirely change your look. Here my hair was recently blow dried. Nothing extra ordinary. But this volume! Also after I style my hair, my hair colour shows even better. Check a lot of hair styling trends at Get The Look . For those wondering about the glow, its because of a facial I got recently. You know all that jazz you do for family weddings. Overall I’m glad my cousins now look up to me for hair and makeup advice given that some of them already have beautiful features. That surely makes me feel khoobsurat and happy. And a big shout out to my school going little sisters who recently added me on facebook and have not stopped their “didi hume bhi sikhao” messages ever since!

This post is written as part of the L’Oreal Paris Say Yes to Colour Campaign

9 thoughts on “LOTD: Mane Attraction”

  1. You look amazing Anshita
    The first pic is so diva like… And really love this hairdo on you for sure… U surely did enjoy the wedding to the core… :-)
    Stay blessed


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