LOTD: Indian Wedding Makeup Look + Giveaway Winner!

Khoobsurat Moment #6

Family get-togethers always make me uncomfortable. My father’s side is all cool and easy. They don’t judge often and when they do it’s all by what one has achieved. Its my mom’s side of family that makes things a little uneasy. Growing up I often felt like an ugly duckling because of my dusky complexion. I never knew my big eyes, plump lips and long hair are my plus points until college came where I started getting compliments for them. But back then I really avoided meeting my uncles and aunts who would recommend me some cream or lotion before a Namaste.

All of us grew up and the time came for one of my cousins’ marriage. And boy was I nervous! I’m now very confident and secure about my looks thanks to a wonderful boy and darling friends. And now people are more educated to know better. But damn those aunts! That generation is a hard not to crack. Luckily this time around nobody fussed. Infact most of them wanted to know more about the offbeat career in beauty and makeup I’ve taken up as well as my refreshing new look thanks to my hair. I got a lot of khoobsurat moments that weekend with aunties and maasis complimenting me from my makeup to wavy mane, from outfit to even the mehendi. Haha!

For most of the functions I kept my makeup simple with a bright lip which thanks to the yellow lighting you can’t see in the pictures. I will put up high resolution pictures once I get them. And because I hate to tie up my hair so I kept it open. Even though I sometimes miss the length (which used to be an object of envy!) I am glad I can still flaunt it because of how lustrous and healthy it looks. I think by now you remember by heart that I coloured my hair Dark Chocolate which is a shade or two darker than my own natural black brown hair and it goes beautifully against my medium Indian skin tone. I didn’t do any updos or heat styling for the wedding because that’s how I like my hair – easy and open – especially when it naturally looks this healthy and glossy. Why tie something you get attention for. For more trend updates on new hairstyles, check Get The Look . Some of you mentioned in my previous Khoobsurat posts that I’ve inspired you to take the plunge. Please let me know all about it..from what shade you picked to how the experience was. Would love to know. L’Oreal Paris should definitely come up with full size variant of the Nutrishine Conditioner that comes in the pack. It has honestly become one of my favourite conditioners.

As promised I’m going to announce the Trend Sourcing contest winner. First of all the response was overwhelming! I guess you really like such fuss free question and answers giveaways, don’t you? Each one of you had a different reason to get noticed but Neha’s comment impressed me the most. Congrats girl! Shoot me a mail with your details.

PS – Is it me or you also go near table fans and pretend to be in a slow motion romantic Bollywood sequence with hair flying all around. No? *looks around* Oh so its just me.

This post is written as part of the L’Oreal Paris Say Yes to Colour Campaign

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  • I enter Total Slo mo =D Tho in the aftermath of my bollywood slo mo my hair resembles a cuckoo's nest. Not as blessed as you :/

  • Anshita...

    You look gorgeous sweetheart! Your hair look beautiful... I can do relate with the endless beauty recommendations at functions when I was a little girl. Everybody had that one patent cream to magically cure every possible thing under the Sun.

    Quick question about the Giveaway winner though. There are 2 Neha's :D

    *fingers and toes crossed*

    Which one? ;)

    Yes I am shamelessly asking hahaha...


    • yes the neha running across the school corridor on the day of her board exams to wish her bestie a happy birthday! ;)

  • Anshitaaa....

    You have no idea how thrilled I am! You just glorified my birthday (yes, Sept 24th) all the more! I just ran downstairs, told mum-dad about your blog, about the Giveaway and now my dad is pretty much sure I am ageing in reverse with the kind of bunny-hopping going on in the house by a 24 year old little girl at 1 AM :D

    Thanks so much!

    I'll send in my details!

    Love and more love to you!


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