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L’Oreal Wild Stylers Tecni Art Beach Waves Spray: Review, Price


Review, Price, Buy Online L’Oreal Professionnel Wild Stylers Tecni Art Beach Waves Hair Spray

By Contributor: Moupee

The FIRST thing that struck me about this product was the length of its name. I mean I had to spend more than a minute spelling out and making the store owner understand the name L’oreal beach waves sea salt tecni art spray! And tell you what this product belongs to the L’oreal Studio Line range which is used mostly be professional studio artists. A friend of mine who actually works as a model sometimes used this product and raved about it to me and me being perpetually excited about new beauty launches in India decided to check it out first. Lets move to the review and see how the L’oreal professionnel wild stylers beach waves fared.

L’Oreal Professionnel Claims: Volumized and texturized by the wind and salt water, long hair is at its sexiest on the way back from the beach. BEACH WAVES creates soft, tousled, full-bodied waves thanks to an innovative technology that provides a deep respect of the hair fiber, from the roots to ends, and is even suitable for highlighted hair. A ground-breaking formula and a delicate fragrance make the application quicker and more pleasant. At home, the new Tecni.ART Beach Waves spray –a texturizing salt spray to be used all over the hair-, enhances the “beachy” style and helps set the waves


My Review:

Packaging: Firstly the bottle is sleek, silver and with a streamlined body that is easy on the eyes. The name Wild Stylers by Techni Art is also written in nice stylised font. After a few days of application I can safely say that I share an ambivalent relationship with the packaging. Things that I love are its compact size, convenient shape which fits right into my tote and its good locking system that stops any type of spillage.

Price: Despite being a Studio Range product the Loreal texturising sea salt spray is available for just Rs.700

Product: The first thing that I liked about the hair spray from the moment I pried the lid open was its fresh summery smell. The smell reminds me of the beach and the sand with a slight hint of summer blooms. The beach waves spray claims to be non drying and great texture inducing and promises to work especially well on fine hair (like mine!)


What I like about L’Oreal Professionnel Wild Stylers Tecni Art Beach Waves Spray:

Well I dampened my hair and curled it in large thin and flattened buns at various areas of my head. Sprayed on the sea salt techni art spray and left it on for 15 minutes. After that I detangled my hair into its natural shape and was delighted to see the results. The spray did exactly what it had promised to do…give the hair lots of volume and texture without looking all oily and drippy. My hair looked absolutely matte fresh, dry and natural. To get the best results, tie your hair in curlers and then leave the spray for some time to get the light waves. The waves won’t hold for long if you are just going to scrunch the hair without curling.

Another big advantage of the sea salt hair spray is that it sends out super fine delicate mists instead of giant squirts just like Berina or other Hair Sprays. This means that my hair doesn’t get too loaded with chemicals.

What I don’t like about L’Oreal Professionnel Wild Stylers Tecni Art Beach Waves Spray:

On the downside the hair look very matte..exactly the kind use get when you go to beaches. Although I don’t dig matte hair look personally. But it delivers what it promises..beach hair.


Price: Rs.700

VNA Rating: 3.5/5

Buy Online: amazon.in

Overall Verdict: Have been using this product for a month now and I am satisfied. However there is a word of caution. No matter what the L’oreal beach waves sea salt techni art spray’ promises it is essentially a product that has a lot of salt in it (check the ingredients list). Salt is drying to the hair which means that you have to wash out all traces of this product from your hair before you go off to sleep at night. If you keep leaving this product in you will see damage over time.

Have you used L’Oreal Professionnel Wild Stylers Tecni Art Beach Waves Hair Spray? Share your reviews with us.

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