L’oreal Pure Reds Star Lipstick Pure Amaranthe, Pure Vermeil: Review, Swatches, Dupes

Review, Swatches, Dupes, Price, Buy Online L’oreal Pure Reds Star Collection Lipstick in Pure Amaranthe and Pure Vermeil

What is the first thing you do when you get a lipstick? I google for their actual meanings! And considering how difficult (and french!) makeup names are kept these days, it happens a lot. Pure Amaranthe and Pure Vermeil which I will review and swatch today from the L’Oreal Paris Star Collection Pure Reds lipstick range mean “ever lasting” and “combination of silver and gold” respectively..which make no sense but who cares! I know I’ve already put up a detailed review and combined swatches of this range already but a lot of you wanted to see how they actually look on my face so here you go. Also I wanted to update you guys on the performance.

L’Oreal Paris Claims: Paint the town red with these stunning range of Loreal Color Riche Pure Reds. Enriched with velvet spheres, jojoba oils and pure pigments to hydrate your lips, making them look luscious and velvety.

  • The cosmetics giant has come up with 4 custom made shades to suit all skin tones.
  • Empowered with matte effect, Pure Reds make your lips look sultry and enchantingly red.
  • Tailor-made for every skin-tone
  • Hydrating Texture.

Shades Available: Pure Scarleto (Blake Lively), Pure Rouge (Frieda Pinto), Pure Amaranthe (Gong Li), Pure Garnet (Sonam Kapoor), Pure Fire (Li BingBing), Pure Vermeil (Fan BingBing), Pure Brick (Aishwarya Rai)

swatches of Pure Amaranthe and Pure Vermeil


My Review of L’oreal Pure Reds Star Lipstick Pure Amaranthe:

L’Oreal Pure Amaranthe lipstick by Gong Li has slowly become my favourite out of all the lipsticks in the Pure Reds lipstick range. In the swatches its just a bright pink but ohhlala on the lips its a deep fuchsia raspberry pink. A pink which looks absolutely flattering on medium to dark Indian skin tones. I know how hard it is to find a nice bright pink lipstick for Indian skin..some are too blue, others too bright..but this one has hit the bull’s eye. I have been wearing this one a lot with my black outfits (which earlier I used to pair with reds) See it converted me! It totally brightens up your face and you need absolutely no makeup apart from this while wearing Amaranthe.

As far as dupes are concerned, I did a bit of research here and there and found MAC All Fired Up to be the closest dupe

. All fired Up has more red and comes out even more deeper on lips but when you wear it there isn’t much difference until you look at it under a lens or something. Ofcourse the finish is quite different. Pure Amaranthe is demi matte while All Fired Up is retro matte.
dupes and swatches of Pure Vermeil and Pure Amaranthe


L’oreal Pure Reds Star Lipstick Pure Vermeil:

L’Oreal Pure Vermeil lipstick by Fan Bing Bing is a red with coral tones to it. It is a good starter shade if you are not into red lipsticks. Kind of your transition colour when you are too scared to go with a 100% bold red lip. Fair to dark skin tones alike can carry off Vermeil. Also its a good day time red, you know you don’t want to catch a lot of attention while you hang out and want to keep more deeper reds for the night.

lore pure amaranthe lipstick on my lips and face


In terms of performance, these lipsticks are great as I’ve already said before. But I’ve noticed 2 changes which I wanted to update you girls. But before that look at how they look on me. L’Oreal Star Collection Pure Amaranthe is on top. Somehow the camera didn’t pick up pink tones but it looks like a deep jewel pink.

L’Oreal Star Collection Pure Vermeil is below which the camera picked up properly.

L’Oreal Pure Vermeil lipstick on my lips and face


Performance update on L’oreal Pure Reds Star Collection Lipstick Pure Vermeil and Pure Amaranthe:

  • Since summers are here these red lipsticks now feel satin matte instead of pure matte which used to tug and pull. Now they glide on easily and feel more comfortable. Ofcourse summers come with a few good things (only a few!) If you have used Color Riche Moist Matte lipsticks then you would know.
  • These star lipsticks transfer. Like on cups, glasses, etc. But they still survive meals.
review and dupes of loreal pure reds amaranthe and vermeil lipsticks


Price: Rs.995

VNA Rating: 4/5

Dupes: MAC All Fired Up is a close dupe of Pure Amaranthe

Buy Online: Nykaa.com, Amazon.in

So is it for you? Totally! I don’t think I need any more lipstick this year. I’ve got a lipstick from every colour family from L’Oreal Paris Star Collection lipsticks. Technically they are reds but they all have different undertones which show up on lips. Pure Amaranthe is a gorgeous deep raspberry pink which I am in love with and Pure Vermeil is a nice day time red lipstick.

PS – I’m so sorry for disappearing for so long and I promise it won’t happen again! In my defense I traveled a lot, ate a lot and probably put on atleast 5kgs which goes to my belly ONLY. I swear I hate it. My arms, legs, upper body, face..everything looks the same even if I eat an elephant. Its just that damn ever expanding tummy! I’m forever active on my instagram and Petite Peeve in case you missed any of my posts there.

Have you used L’oreal Pure Vermeil and Pure Amaranthe Pure Reds Star Collection Lipsticks? Share your reviews with us.

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