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L’Oreal Paris Super Liner Luminizer – Dark Sapphire, Black Diamond, Black Amethyst

L’Oreal Paris Super Liner Luminizer Review, Swatches

Can you guess how many photos I clicked for this post? Hint: on average I click 30 photos per post. But this one has 3 products to be shown individually + collectively + eye swatches = ? So the answer is not 30*3 but 30*10=300! By last night I came down to shortlisting only 70 and by afternoon I had selected the 11 exclusive photos to be published on blog. Talk about hard work! This was for all those who think beauty bloggers have the most easiest jobs in the world. Hello! So what if we love makeup? So what if we love playing with makeup? So what if we have developed an interest in photography through makeup? It’s still hard work! Okay time to show my yesterday’s ‘hard work


L'Oreal Paris Super Liner Luminizer

L’Oreal Paris Claims: Superliner is a liquid eyeliner in a special sponge tipped pen for the creation of fine lines or thick, sultry flicks. Colour is applied with precision and ease.

Black Amethyst (Hazel Eyes) is a jewel medium dark purple liner. Although it doesn’t have any shimmer in it, it reflects light and give. It is rightly named Black Amethyst since it is a much darker version of Amethyst which is a pretty purple. I don’t know why they say it should used by those with hazel eyes since it looks equally pretty on my brown eyes.
Dark Sapphire (Blue Eyes) is a ink blue sapphire eye liner. It doesn’t have any shimmer but has this metallic feel to it which catches light and look jewel toned. Most pigmented out of the three.

Black Diamond (Brown Eyes) is a black with silver shimmer in it which looks amazing on brown eyes. A night time party black!

The Super Liner Luminizers come with a long handle and sponge felt tip brush. I’ve used felt tips before but this one is different, its flexible, pointed and spongy! The tip is really easy to work with and specially for those who shy away from liquid liners since you end up with different shapes all the time. (In my latest ongoing BB cream giveaway, I have asked you to name a makeup product that you hate and almost 60% of the girls are saying ‘liquid eye liners’!) The long handle gives a better control and the application is easy. Believe me I’ve just recently left the Hate-Liquid-Liners-Till-I-Die club.

The pigmentation varies from liner to liner. While Dark Sapphire is the most rich and pigmented out of the three, Black Diamond is a bit watery in application and needs more layering. The liners stay on for 7+ hours without smudging. The liners are water-resistant meaning they won’t smear when you splash your face with water but some rubbing and soap can take them out. So until you are not going to wash the utensils with your eyes, its all good. And when you make mistakes, you can easily dip a Q-tip in a makeup remover and correct the mistakes without leaving any harsh lines.

The only gripe I’ve with these liners that you have to layer them atleast 2-3 times for a better finish. Shake off well before using to get a more concentrated formula. And yes they are expensive!

sponge tip liquid eye liner
 And this is how the tip looks

purple liquid eye liner swatches
 Swatch of Black Amethyst: on right

 And Black Ametyst on my eyes. I tried a cat look for the very first time!
cat eye makeup

blue liquid eye liner swatch

 Swatches of Dark Sapphire: Isn’t it a gorgeous jewel blue?
blue eye liner on eyes
 And Dark Sapphire on my eyes

shimmer black liquid eye liner
 And this is Black Diamond, a pretty shimmery black
Here I made a double wing by applying Black Diamond above the Black Amethyst
double wing eye liner

L'Oreal Paris Super Liner Luminizer swatches
 L’Oreal Super Liner Luminizer swatches- l-r: Dark Sapphire, Black Amethyst, Black Diamond

water proof liquid eye liner
 water test: under running water. do some rubbing and it will flake off
Price: Rs.630
So is it for you? Yes if you are looking for liquid eye liners that provide better control over application and are almost mistake proof. The sponge felt tip is easy to use and flexible enough to help in creating the curves. It is available in 3 different colours: one a jewel blue, dark purple and shimmery black. You would need some layering since the formula is sheer in first swipe.

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  1. I am a big fan of blue eyeliners, they give that pop of colour to your eyes. :) Looks great on you though.

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