L’Oreal Paris Super Liner Instant Impact Felt Liner: Review and Swatches

L’Oreal Paris Super Liner Instant Impact Felt Liner Review

Sorry for being MIA for 4 days!! Its very rare of me to disappear like that without notice but I was just taking a little break. Just a new way of saying I was out of inspiration + enjoying my last semester of college. But I did utilize my time off. The other day I walked around my home all day with two different eye makeup looks and eye liner

styles on each eye. One was super colourful with gel liner and the other was neutral office with winged liquid liner. And the liquid liner won all the votes from my mom, non-interested bro and other cousins. Today’s review and swatches are one Instant Impact by L’Oreal which I used for the cat eye.

L’Oreal Paris Claims: A sponge tipped felt pen with deep colour for instant impact. Light up your eyes! Thanks to its soft and supple sponge tipped pen, Superliner Instant Impact Felt gives a quick, easy and uniform application. Create a line as thick or as delicate as you wish. Hold the eyelid taut with your other hand to facilitate application. Superliner is a liquid eyeliner in a special sponge tipped pen and thus the colour can be applied with ease and precision as thin fine lines or thick sultry flicks.

L’Oreal Paris Super Liner Instant Impact Felt Liner

Its a liquid liner in a sketch pen style form. If you battle with your liner brush every morning then this stiff precise sponge tip will save you a great deal of time. Its good for beginners too since the error rate with this one is only 8.99% (okay I just made it up). Since the tip is thin so you can control the amount of thickness you like – from sultry thin flick to winehouse, you can do loads of eye liner styles with this one. So if you love doing winged liners then this is your best friend.

The colour is jet black and goes opaque in one swipe. And the finish is glossy but not the kind of glossy you can’t wear to office. So it won’t look flat.

The wear time is quite good BUT only if you leave it alone. It lasts on me all day without smudging or fading but if you rub your eyes a lot then it will easily smudge. Also this has very little resistance to water. It smudges as soon as it gets in touch with water. So stay away from it if you have oily lids.

Its compact and travel friendly too.

L’Oreal Paris Super Liner Instant Impact Felt Liner

 Swatches in natural light

L’Oreal Paris Super Liner Instant Impact Felt Liner

 Just one swipe

Pros of L’Oreal Instant Impact Felt Liner:

  •  Stiff sponge tip that makes application easy and fast
  • Pigmented so one swipe is enough for a think flick
  • The finish has a hint of gloss to it
  • The tip is pointy so cat eyes get super easy
  • Stays all day

Cons of L’Oreal Instant Impact Felt Liner:

  •  Not even water resistant. It fades away as soon as it gets in touch with water. It can be a positive point for girls like me who are super lazy to use makeup removers!
L’Oreal Paris Super Liner Instant Impact Felt Liner

Price: Rs.725

VNA Rating: 4/5

Dupe: Rimmel ScadalEyes Micro Precision Liner

So is it for you? L’Oreal Paris Super Liner Instant Impact Felt Liner is a great liquid liner in pen form. Makes application super easy for beginners. You can control the thickness of strokes since the tip is pointy so makes makes cat eye liners super easy. Although its not water resistance so comes off easily with slightest of sweating or water.

Have you tried the L’Oreal Instant Impact Liner? Share your views with us.

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  • Price holds me back, I like maybelline quite budget friendly, will try this liner once I finish maybelline, nice revu :) xo

  • yeah i was wondering why no posts were coming up :P yeah i tried this but its too "non-water-resistant" yaar..almost water-phobic! on my oily lids it will not stay for even an hour..

  • I think should get them. I can't give a proper finish to my upper liner with the normal liners :(

  • this is worth every penny :D i have it and i love it! easiest to use eyeliner i've come across except for maybe hypersharp :)

  • Felt tip ones are amazing to work with, for sharp liner styling! But, I do not prefer felt tips for this price as they get dry easily! Nice review :)


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