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L’Oreal Paris Super Liner Gel Intenza 36H Review, Swatches: Diamond Black


Review, Swatches, Price, Buy Online L’Oreal Paris Super Liner Gel Intenza 36H Diamond Black

By Contributor: Mansi

“If you need me, I ll be over here protecting my Cat Eye” Yep! That’s me when the summers hit the city and the heat not only melts my ice cream but also melts my eye liner leading to smudge marks on the upper lids. *shudders* I believe a lot of you feel my pain. I had been hearing praises for Gel Liners to be an interesting breakthrough in these terms but never really got around to using them because of the cumbersome packaging and the separate brush but with L’oreal launching their Super Line 36H Gel Intenza from their Cannes Make Up 2015 collection, I finally gave in. The gel liner shade I shall review and swatch for you today is the shade 03 Diamond Black.

I am a complete eye liner person. So much so that I rarely ever travel without one. It is my Go To Favourite amongst all things cosmetical. I started off with liquid eye liners way back in the day when the Lakme Eye liners came in bottle similar to that of nail paints and were super difficult to apply leading to one perfect eye and the other looking more of a Panda Eye! I also use creamy kohl liners which come in a twisting stick form but unfortunately in summers they create havoc on my upper lids what with all the sweat and sebum

L’Oreal Paris Claims: Superliner Gel Intenza is incredibly versatile to use. It provides all the ease of pencil eyeliner with the durability of liquid.It is easy to apply, and unlike liquid, it can blend beautifully into the eye shadow to create high eye definition.So whether you want to pull off a 1960s defined flick, or the classically chic smokey effect, Superliner Gel Intenza will achieve it with ease.

Key features:

Lasts for up to 36 hours

Is smudge proof

Resists tears and sweat

Is crease-proof and keeps a fresh, just applied look throughout wear

Does not smear, fade, rub off or stain the lids.

Shades Available: Profound Black, Chic Brown, Diamond Black, Royal Blue, Sapphire Blue


My Review of L’Oreal Gel Intenza:

Packaging: The gel eye liner is encased in a Black and Gold Cardboard packaging with instructions and ingredients on the box. The product comes in a tiny glass pot with a shiny gold crew on lid. The bottom part of the pot consists of a sticker with the details of the shade for easier identification of different colours. The packaging in itself is quite sleek and sturdy with the product neatly caked inside. The pack also consists of a thin albeit durable applicator brush which is easier to use than it looks.

Texture & Product: The texture of the loreal gel liner is smooth and creamy which leads to an easy application. Due to the soft formulation, it is advisable to dip the brush gently or else you may land up with too much product on the brush. Safety sake you can always wipe off the excess with a tissue prior to applying on your eyes. The loreal black eyeliner is extremely pigmented and the colour pay off is quite good. Once applied it takes about 60 second to settle on the eyes. For a sultry soft look, it can also be smudged with the application brush.

The brand claims its longevity to be of 36 hours. I have never let my eye liner stay on for that long but I completely stand by their claim of it being completely smudge proof, water/sweat/tear resistant for as long as 18 hours. Even after 8-9 hours of wearing it, the gel liner looks like it has just been applied. I have even washed my face with facewash and the liner stayed put barring a little fadedness. This truly is a heavy endurance product and can survive your dance classes, workouts, club nights et all! Unless and until you use a make up remover, you will not be able to completely get rid of Diamond Black gel liner from your eyes.


Colour & Suitability: The shade Diamond Black is a sort of Charcoal Black with Grey undertones and minuscule particles of Shimmer in it. It has a sheen finish which is neither too glossy nor matte. The shimmer particles which show up distinctly on hand swatches transform into a nice sheen on the eyes. I wouldn’t say it is perfect for everyday wear but it’s a must have for all the late nights, weddings and other instances when you want to be all dolled up.


Pros of L’Oreal Paris Super Liner Gel Intenza 36H Diamond Black:

  • Completely Smudge and Stain Proof
  • Water/Sweat/Tear resistant with excellent longevity
  • Weightless on the eyes with no drying/flakiness
  • Cost Effective as compared to other contenders
  • Smooth Application and easy to use
  • Go to product for a Smoky/Sultry look

Cons of L’Oreal Paris Super Liner Gel Intenza 36H Diamond Black:

  • To be honest I cant think of one ! There could be the fact that since it comes in a pot form with a separate brush it might be a little inconvenient to carry when you are travelling but apart from that.. Nothing! Zilch! Nada!


Price in India: Rs.875

VNA Rating: 5/5

Where to Buy Online in India: amazon.in

My Take: If you are an eye liner person, I’d tag this loreal gel intenza as a Must Have in your collection. Everything from the Soft texture, Easy application to its longevity has completely impressed me and made this product a staple in my make up kit. For all those who are interested in a black which is not a stark black must invest in this shade. I look forward to experimenting with their other shades too. The only downside being that it is not very travel friendly is also trumped by how gorgeously it sits on my eyes and causes absolutely no irritation at all. Mighty Impressed !

Have you used L’Oreal Paris Super Liner Gel Intenza 36H Diamond Black? Share your reviews with us.

27 thoughts on “L’Oreal Paris Super Liner Gel Intenza 36H Review, Swatches: Diamond Black”

    • Thank you Nausheen ! You can skip this one if you like Matte Liners. I am experimenting with a Matt Liner nowadays. Will keep you posted on how it fares :)

    • Completely with you on that one. Their products are highly priced as compared to the regular Drugstore brands but then again, mostly worth it ! ;)

    • Thank you Komal ! If you prefer Jet Blacks, you can try out the Shade “Profound Black” in the same product. Let me know if it works for you :)

    • Hi Vaidehee ! There are 2 blacks in this collection, the Profound Black and the Diamond Black. The former one compares better to the Maybelline one since it does not have any shimmer in it :)


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