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L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Le Khol Portofino Blue

loreal color riche le kohl portofino blue reviews

L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Le Kohl Portofino Blue Review, Swatches

Sometimes little spelling mistakes give a whole new dimension to things. This innocent eye pencil has no idea what wrong impressions it gives. I don’t know if its a mistake or not but the pencil reads “Le Khol” instead of “Le Kohl”. Now everytime I look at it I imagine that girl from Dev D (Mahi Gill?) saying to Abhay Deol with pouty lips in a ganne ke khet “Le Kholll”. No it isn’t me, Its my job to look at every tiny detail. I swear! I never have such thoughts..ask the pencil!

L’Oreal says: Color Riche Le Khol: Intensity, comfort, precision.

Portofino Blue 108 is a matte pastel blue eyeliner. Its totally matte so this can be worn to office too. I need atleast 2-3 swipes to make it completely visible on my eyes. My skin tone right now is around nc42. I have seen some amazing reviews from other bloggers   raving about the pigmentation. I don’t know if mine is a defective piece but I find the pigmentation quite average. It shows up nicely on my hands but takes a few swipes to show up on my eyes. If you have lighter skin tone than mine then it may show up better. The colour is very unique though. It really compliments my brown eyes.

I quite like the bright blue packaging and that golden strip near the tip. Since its matte it stays for a very long time. I have so far tested it for 6hrs. It doesn’t sting when I wear it on my lower lashline. It stays there for atleast 2-3hrs without smudging. If you like wearing coloured pencil liners on your lower lashline then instead of going for those Avon Glimmersticks which contain a lot of shimmer, use this since its matte and thus safer. The pencil feels a little hard on your skin but does not tug or pull.

Let’s check the photos and swatches:

loreal color riche le khol photo


loreal color riche le kohl


loreal color riche le kohl portofino blue

loreal color riche le khol review

L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Le Khol eye pencils swatch

Loreal Paris Color Riche Le Kohl eye pencils swatch photo

L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Le Khol eye pencils review swatches

The bottom swatch you see if L’Oreal Lipstick Pink Passion

Loreal Color Riche Le Khol eye swatch

Here it is on my eyes

Price: Rs.350

VNA Rating: 3.5/5

So is it for you? The concept of a matte pencil is amazing. It stays on for a long time without smudging or creasing and is safe to use on lower lashline. The colour is a pretty pastel blue which you don’t find often in other brands. But its quite average in the pigmentation department. It may show up better on fair skin. So think and then decide.

PS – Now everytime I read “Le”, I think of those meme jokes. And I found he is a real person! See what I found. Plus his T-shirt is also the colour of pencil eye liner I just reviewed!

guy from le meme jokes

Product sent by the brand

7 thoughts on “L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Le Khol Portofino Blue”

  1. You know, Anshita, this seems to be the perfect colour for Indian skin… I checked out the khol bit and realised that the French version of kohl is actually khol, with a “^” on the o… so maybe its not a spelling error…Love your blog, dear… Do keep writing. You don’t know how good it feels to not keep having to use a converter for checking out prices of stuff from usd to inr…and plus, you’re from Delhi… So I know what’s available locally!


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