L’Oreal Lucent Magique Blush of Light Glow Palette Blushing Kiss: Review, Swatches

Review, Swatches, Price of L’Oreal Paris Lucent Magique Blush of Light Glow Palette in 003 Blushing Kiss

By Contributor: Aruna

I have a love/hate kind of relationship with companies that give their products french themed names. I mean, do those people have any idea how difficult it is to pronounce and how stupid I feel when I go to the makeup counters trying to sound chic by pronouncing it the right way only to be confronted by a weird look on the SAs face. Comprehension dawns on their faces only when I say, ‘The new blush by l’oreal?’ I’m talking about the L’Oreal Lucent Magique Blush of Light Glow Palette which comes in 4 shades: Blushing Kiss, Sunset Glow, Fuchsia Flush and Duchess Rose. I will review and swatch the shade Blushing Kiss.

L’oreal Paris Claims: 3 colour pigments give an immediate rosy, healthy glow. The blush is lightweight to wear and leaves the skin comfortable Makes your cheeks looks fuller, more radiant and youthful.

My Review:

Anyway, getting past all that lets quickly move on to the new beauty that I (finally!) have in my stash! Just look at it, which woman can pass by that and not be tempted to buy it? I could write an ode on the beauty of this compact, if I did have that much time to waste. The rose gold reflective packaging does not only look luxurious but it feels like that as well. Once you pop the compact open, you feast your eyes on yourself courtesy: the large mirror provided inside it. Ignore the scratchy brush provided inside it. The blush in the pan itself looks beautiful with three stripes of co-ordinated colors which will flatter almost all complexions.

The shade, Blushing Kiss, in my opinion is the most easily wearable of all the shades available in this range. It isn’t too dark nor is it too light. The moment I swatched in the store, I knew we were meant to be. It just sits perfectly in the medium range to flatter fair to dark wheatish complexions.

Darker complexion can opt for Sunset glow or Duchess Rose from this range, they equally gorgeous. The blush pan consists of three shades, a highlighter, a medium shade with some shimmer and a highly pigmented matte blush. The highlighter is the narrowest of all stripes and it has a light pinkish tone to it.

The formula is incredibly soft and pigmented and it works as good cheekbone highlight. The second stripe is that of the medium shade and it the broadest of all three. It contains micro fine shimmer and is soft as well as pigmented. The third shade is the darkest and the brightest of all. This was the one that pushed me to get this product. The colour is a gorgeous shade of coral which make me weak in the knees. It the most long wearing of all the shades and it is actually staining on the skin.

There is shimmer present in the blush but it is so fine that once it is on the skin, all you get is healthy glow to the cheeks. It does not travel all over the face nor is it chunky or obvious at any point of time. I think that this blush works great on days when you are feeling like a zombie and haven’t got time for highlighters or any of that extra effort. Just brush some of this on and your good to go!

Pros of L’Oreal Paris Lucent Magique Blush of Light Glow Palette Blushing Kiss:

  • Pigmented. A little goes a long way
  • Blendable
  • Classy rose gold packaging
  • Luminous glow so doubles up as a highlighter
  • Easily available to buy online and in local stores

Cons of L’Oreal Lucent Magique Blush of Light Glow Blushing Kiss:

  • Expensive

Price: Rs. 850 (got it on discount from flipkart)

VNA Rating: 4. 5/5

Conclusion: This is a beautiful product from L’Oreal, however, the price does leave me stinging. Grab it, immediately, if you find it on sale!

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