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L’oreal Infallible Eyeshadow Eternal Black – 5 Reasons Not To Buy It

loreal eternal black

L’oreal Infallible Eyeshadow Eternal Black Review, Swatches

If all my eyeshadows were to take part in a scary horror movie, then the shade Eternal Black would play the dark daemon who is trying to possess the body of this cute innocent boy Wyatt. Except that the daemon would be prettier and more glamorous than the saviour-long-legs-sister of that boy. Oops. Which movie is that?

The colour Eternal Black is a black eyeshadow with silver shimmer. When you apply it, the eyeshadow diffuses and you see a black with silver glitter particles falling here and there in a good way. Its not the cheap glitter but pretty disco like shimmer which looks really beautiful. I’m so in love with the colour. You just apply it with your fingers on the lid keeping close to lashline and half the battle is won. But the love ends here.

In the quality department, it sucks. Why?

1. The pigmentation is bad. Its quite sheer and you definitely need a base under it.

2. It has a lot of fall out compared to the other eyeshadows in this range.

3. It smudges badly in just 2hrs. Not to forget the glitter travels upto your chin.

4. Even when used wet, it starts creasing in 3hrs max.

5. The lasting power isn’t that great either.

Its a shame since the eyeshadow looks quite pretty when its freshly applied. Its could have been a HG party eyeshadow. But you won’t quite appreciate a panda staring back at you when you make a quick trip to the rest room.

Let’s look at the photos:

l'oreal infallible eyeshadow

loreal infallible eyeshadow

Alright so the eyeshadow got a bit mixed up with All Night Blue while doing a look. Kindly ignore!

l'oreal eternal black

And here is the swatch. It looks quite alright here. But once it goes on your eyes half the pigmentation evaporates.

eternal black swatch

Here is a wet swatch. But it creases badly in a few hours

l'oreal black eyeshadow


I know I know…such a shame. But hey I’ve found a very in-budget black eyeshadow. And what more? Its totally matte and my absolute favourite.

Price: Rs.450

So is it for you?

 I don’t think so. Unless you have fallen in love with the colour and ready to make t work by hook or crook!

I’m planning to watch Paranormal Activity 4 tonight after my parents sleep. I wonder how I missed it. Its saturday night so my brother would be able to join me…not that I’m scared or anything. Hahaha scared..why would I be scared….just….just to keep me company you know. Exactly.

13 thoughts on “L’oreal Infallible Eyeshadow Eternal Black – 5 Reasons Not To Buy It”

  1. Hi ansh, I have four eyeshadows in this range – and you know endless chocolat is my most favourite. It’s a shame that this failed to keep up the standards

  2. Hah, i love the title. So you.

    I honestly hate loreal products from the very beginning.. As for a black eyeshadow, i bought this one from Oriflame a few days back which is decently pigmented and easy to blend as well!

  3. i think that LOREAL is really missing is big time with loose eye make up products. I recently bought their loose kohl mineral black kajal/eyeshadow/powder-for-getting-smokey-look (whatever they were intending to design it for) , same happens to be my reviews. It has this excruciating tendency of fallout all over my cheeks..!!! we indian chicks with such a “blessful” lineage of dark circles simply can’t afford any type of smudge/fallout when it comes to dark shaded eye make up products…..absolutely no-no.


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