L’Oreal Color Riche La Palette Gold, L’Huile Nail Varnishes: Reviews, Swatches

Review, Swatches, Shades, Price, Buy Online L’Oreal Paris Color Riche La Palette Gold

Continuing the crazy gold obsession, today I am going to review the new Color Riche Gold La Palette and 2 new L’Huile Nail Varnishes. These are the part of the L’Oreal Paris Gold Obsession Bold in Gold collection. The Gold La Palette includes a stunning assortment of 10 exclusive shimmery shades that promises to glam up every eye makeup look. The beautiful L’Huile Nail Varnishes are available in 22 shades and out of that, I am going to review 2 of them 332 Violet Vendome and 442 Coral Trianon

, which are very pretty, gorgeous nail colors for spring and summer. Having tried and tested both these new loreal products for about a week now, here’s my detailed review on the products. Read on to know more in details about the products.

My Review of L’Oréal Paris Color Riche Gold La Palette:

Packaging – The L’Oréal Gold La eyeshadow Palette comes in a rectangular sleek black palette with a double ended applicator. The brand name and version is written in gold accents, giving a magnificent charm to the palette. Once you flip the palette, you would find the detailed picture of the colors included in it. This is quite a great feature when you are buying an eyeshadow palette. The double end applicator has a sponge tip and a medium fluffy brush on both the ends. Although I don’t see myself reaching out for this applicator, I may use the sponge tip to pack on the eye shadow on the lids. It also has an in-built mirror. Overall, the loreal eyeshadow palette is travel friendly, compact, lightweight and surely well-structured.

Shades – The la gold palette has an abundance of shimmery shades and lives up to its name. However, I have two complains with it. Firstly, it lacks a transition color which is important for every eye makeup and secondly, I was expecting a deep bronze or rose gold kind of shade. These two inclusions would make the palette perfect. This gold eyeshadow palette is the perfect pick for bridal and festive occasions. The shades are discussed in details below.

Pigmentation – The pigmentation slightly varies and if I have to comment on the overall pigmentation, I would say it’s good. The first four shades are slightly chalky and hence it requires extra effort to build it up. The darker shades of the la palette gold are on point and you can easily slay your eye makeup with them. All the colors are buildable and work great with a colored base. Also, the pigmentation is good when you use your fingers rather than the brushes.

Texture and Formula – The texture of the loreal eyeshadows is creamy, soft and smooth and hence they blend very easily. This is why it is highly recommended for the beginners. It doesn’t streak or look uneven. As all the shades are shimmery or satin finish, I was expecting some grittiness.

But, to my utter surprise every color is easy to work with. However, the loreal la palette gold do have a problem of fallout. Make sure you do the base makeup after doing your eye makeup with this gold obsession palette. The fall out is insane when you are using a brush. The formula is good and you can create various eye makeup looks with this palette.

  1. A pale champagne gold color.
  2. A pale shimmery bronze.
  3. Light rose gold color with shimmer.
  4. A taupe-y purple with silver shimmers.
  5. Charcoal grey with silvery shimmers.
  6. A silvery pale green color with shimmers.
  7. Light blue with silver shimmers.
  8. Shimmery sea green.
  9. Rich yellow gold.
  10. Olive green with prominent golden shimmers.

Staying power – The staying power of the color rich palette gold is really good. It stayed on for around 5hrs on my eyes and there was hardly any creasing of fading. If you are applying a good base or primer before the application of the eyeshadow, it stays on for almost the whole day. The shimmers will not create any mess at the end of the day. The pricing of the palette is slightly on the heavier side and I believe, for the quality and keeping in mind that its a drugstore brand, it could have been slightly lower.

Pros of L’Oreal Paris Color Riche La Palette Gold:

  • Travel friendly and compact packaging with gold accents.
  • Nice shades of shimmery and satin colors.
  • Perfect palette for bridal and festive occasions.
  • Good pigmentation.
  • Easy for beginners.
  • Soft creamy texture.
  • Blends well.
  • Admirable staying power of around 5hrs.

Cons of L’Oreal Paris Color Riche La Palette Gold:

  • Fall outs issues.
  • The price could have been slightly lower.

My Review of L’Oreal Paris Color Riche L’Huile Nail Varnishes 332 Violet Vendome and 442 Coral Trianon:

Packaging – L’Oréal L’Huile Nail Varnish is packaged inside a beautiful crystal cut patterned glass bottle with a gorgeous golden cap. The nail varnish bottle is transparent and enables you to see the color. Also, the shade name and number is written on top of the screw cap. There is an applicator attached with it. It has a sophistically curated applicator which is a wide fan shaped brush with over 400 bristles that enables you to apply the color easily, streak free and it is also drip-resistant to help achieve a perfect finish.

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  • Shades look appealing but yeah it lacks transition shades. Nevertheless the palette looks great.

  • I wish the palette had a few lighter tones, but, overall this is a really nice eyeshadow. It applies smoothly and will last all day if you use a primer. Not bad at all...I may check out some of the other palettes.

  • After reading your review, i feel that 1,2,3,4,6 and 7 can be used everyday too as they are not too stark ! Am i right? But , yea price is a little higher .. Nice post <3

    • Absolutely Tanya, I agree with you. But, the colors are slightly chalky and needs a good primer to show up. Apart from that, the palette is good and workable. Thanks a lot dear!

  • At the price point, I would be demanding better pigmentation and texture. The assortment of the colours is beautiful nevertheless.

    • I couldn't agree more with you, Nivedita. This also stands for other India brands as well. Thankfully Lakme did a good job with the recent palettes and I hope the other brands come up with something better.

  • Nice review. LOved the way you explained everything. My expection with this palette was high.

  • The shade selection in the palette is really good! However, I wish that it had an affordable price tag. :(

  • Violet Vendome is such a pretty shade... the review is quite a nice and detailed ..

  • Violet Vendome is such a pretty shade... the review is quite nice and detailed ..


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