L’Oreal Color Riche Extraordinaire Lip Color Rose Symphony: Review, Swatches

Review, Swatches, Price, Buy Online L’Oreal Color Riche Extraordinaire Lip Color Rose Symphony

By Contributor: Vaidehee

Hey you guys! So with all the hype and posts over at VNA on the L’oreal Paris Colour Riche Extraordinare liquid lipsticks which were a part of their Cannes 2015 launches, i’ll review and swatch this lovely deep pink shade (201 Rose Symphony) , and even though it goes against every fibre of my being to like a fairly expensive product, it’s perfection! You can read reviews if 2 more shades in this cannes lip color range called Plum Quartlet and Coral Encore.

Shades Available : Coral Encore, Rouge Allegro, Rouge Soprano, Ruby Opera, Tangerine Sonate, Fuchia Orchestra, Molto Mauve, Nude Ballet, Orange Tempo, Plum Quartet, Rose Finale, Rose Melody, Rose Symphony

My Review of L’Oreal lip color Rose Symphony:

Price : Rs.950. Now that is definitely a pinch in the pocket, for such a tiny bottle, but then again, L’oreal is a little bit higher with their price points for a drugstore brand.

Packaging : Now can we please take a minute to gush over the glossy gold pakcaging? It reminds me a lot of the YSL lip stains. Other than being a terribly beautiful addition to your vanity, It’s functional and somewhat travel friendly (As long as you have it screwed on tight) and comes with a brush on doughfoot applicator and a shade indicator, on the tube .

Fragrance : None, really. Just a mildly sweet scent that isn’t that detectable. But then again, i’d rather my products have no scent than have one that puts me off.(Hello, lakme?)

Consistency : This is probably the best consistency in a lip gloss i’ve come across so far (and i have hoarded my fair share of liquid lipsticks and lip glosses) , stains are way too dry, glosses are too goopy , this ? Loreal extraordinaire lip color goes on like a gel . Not tacky, not sticky (Not until the wear time , anyway) , just sheer smooth, gel perfection. It pulls over and smoothes out most of the fine-lines on the lips and your lips look plump and pigmented , making it tailor made for people with dry lips.

Pigmentation : It’s not a full-on opaque stain, it is somewhat of a morph product between a lipgloss and a liquid lipstick that has a decent amount of pigment . The shade number 201, is Rose Symphony , and it’s a warm, deep rose pink. It’s swatches out a bit stark and looks way more vivid in the tube than it goes on the lips . So good news on that front, it doesn’t clash with caramel Indian skin and i do think it’ll seamlessly with just about anyone’s skintone.

Longevity of L’Oreal Color Riche Extraordinaire Lip Color Rose Symphony:

This is the only con to the product other than the up-there price point, the wear time is terrible. But given the texture and consistency and the nature of the loreal lip gloss, it is understandable. I put it on at 11:45 Am , and it had completely worn off around 2:30 Pm (Thankfully though, it leaves your lips smoothed out and hydrated ), with a hint of a stain (Although i suspect this is exclusive to the deeper shades). It’s worth mentioning here that the lip color transfer slightly because of the formulation and due to the emoliency , wipes off and disappears into narnia with any contact with water . Also, as it wears, the consistency morphs from gel, to the true to form gloss and gets a little sticky and tacky .

What i don’t love about L’Oreal Color Riche Extraordinaire Lip Color Rose Symphony:

  • The only two things i don’t love about the Loreal liquid lipstick. The price point. I get that it’s a great product, the packaging is lovely, the consistency is out of this world, but anything over 700 bucks for this few mils of product, and i get arrythmia !
  • The wear time, could have been better, if not the finish , then the stain ought to have been more apparent and consistent through the entire range and not simply with the deeper shades.

Price in India: Rs.950

VNA Rating: 4/5

Where to Buy Online in India: amazon.in

Verdict? If you can cough up the dough, then get it. It’s a lovely product, and i will be picking up one other shade, but for the price, i will probably get a darker, night-time, pick-me-up shade , because there is no way this much money will be spent by this particular gujju for an everyday lip tint.

Have you used L’Oreal Color Riche Extraordinaire Lip Color Rose Symphony? Share your reviews with us.

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  • Its such a cute bottle!!! Love the shade<3 But I wish the staying power was a little better :)

  • I was actually looking forward to buying these, but these look so similar to the shine caresse...I still might end up getting one or two :)
    Great Pictures..!!

  • I was actually looking forward to buying these, but these look so similar to the shine caresse...I still might end up getting one or two :)
    Great Pictures..!!

  • I completely see eye to eye with you on this. While the product is great... perhaps THE BEST, its so expensive! Damn!

  • I love the packaging of this one. I am using the sahde Coral Encore and liking it a lot


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