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Liz Earle Skin Sheer Tint – Review and Swatches

What happens when you get a new camera and the product in your hands has a sexy slim packaging? You keep on clicking and clicking and clicking and end up with hundreds of brilliant shots and later can’t decide on just one to post! I shot this Liz Earle tint from a hundred different angles since it looked so pretty, a photographer’s dream come true. I so wish it was a walking talking model.

It says: The perfect way to enhance your skin. Our rich and creamy, yet lightweight formula leaves all skin types looking naturally dewy, even and radiant. With mineral UV SPF15, it’s enriched with our own blend of natural source vitamin E, borage and avocado, specially selected to work in harmony with our skincare range.

Directions: Apply a little Sheer Skin Tint onto forehead, nose, cheeks and chin, then blend with fingertips over your face.

Price: £21 for 40ml (Available online at Liz Earle)

I’m bowled over at the packaging. It comes in this sleek navy blue tube which makes it look so elite and high end. The colour looks kind of black but it’s dark navy blue which they have patented!

Well I was quite excited about the launch since I’ve used some of the best products of Liz Earle and got so impressed that re-purchased them (the hot cloth polish cleanser and Energising body scrub), so obviously I was waiting for its arrival. Also, its their first makeup product too. Well to start with, I’m not bowled over with this tint. I like some coverage in my tints but as the name suggests this one is very sheer and gives no coverage to me. It just evens out my skin tone but doesn’t conceals any acne marks or other imperfections. I suggest you use it with some concealer. So, I thought I will probably use it as a moisturizer but its too rich for my oily combination skin. I have to set it up with a loose powder always or it makes my face shiny. I thought I will use it when the weather gets somewhat colder but the winters seem to have no plans of coming here to New Delhi (Come on, its October already! Come baby please come!) so I’ve started using it again. Though it fares better than what I used in September, its still needs some (the focus is on some) loose powder. I guess it would be great for those who have dry skin, they will probably want to kiss it for being so creamy. Yes its very creamy and is a dream to blend. Probably my best when it comes to blending, I use my fingers to dot my face and just blend once..and its done!

Here is the swatch of the shade #3 beach:

It comes in three shades: Bare, Beige and Beach. I use Beach. (Infact I asked for beach to get a sexy beach tan) The shades have neutral tones, so it doesn’t matter if you have yellow or pink tones. Also, Beige and Beach both can suit Indian skin tones. My friend who has the same complexion as mine, uses beige and its suits her fine. So, I think the shade selection is not a big issue since the coverage is sheer.

Here it is blended: 

You see how moisturizing it is? I can now say th is is entirely a winter tint. Also, in winters since the sun is not so harsh, the spf 15 it has is decent enough. Although it has spf, it photographs well. As far as the texture goes, its neither too runny nor too thick, just the right creamy consistency. I just wish they bring out some foundation with high coverage and that too for different skin types.

So is it for you? Yes if you have pretty much clear skin to start with or don’t mind using a concealer with it. Also, it is for you if you have dry skin or live in colder regions since its very rich, creamy and moisturizing. You could use it in winter months if you live here in India.

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Disclaimer – Product sent by the PR for review purposes, you can see I’ve been totally honest in my opinion.

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