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Which Lipstick is the Girl Wearing in the New Lakme 9 to 5 No Touch Up TV Commercial?

which lipstick lakme 9 to 5 girl wearing in tv ad

Lipstick Shade of the Girl in New Lakme 9 to 5 No Touch Up Ad

If I could get a penny for everytime someone asks me about the Lakme model in the new Office Stylist tv advertisement and the mysterious Lakme 9 to 5 lipstick she is wearing..I would buy all the lipsticks and lipglosses from the new Sabyasachi Royal collection! This is the same kind of curiousity Katrina Kaif’s lips generated in the Aamsutra ad and Kareena Kapoor’s lipstick in Talaash


The answers two those two were quite difficult as those were not easily dupeable shades. But the problem at hand was quite easy to solve honestly. As soon as I saw the 9 to 5 TVC after a few girls mailed me..I knew exactly which lipstick she is shown to be using from the new 9 to 5 range to touch up her makeup.

lakme 9 to 5 lipstick ad

The above photograph is highly photoshoped so don’t go by it. Watch the video below for the actual shade. The girl is wearing a soft nude lipstick. The new 9 to 5 lipsticks have a lot of neutrals and soft pinks but my bet is on:

  • Lakme 9 to 5 C offee Command
    : Shruti has already reviewed and swatched the lipstick on VNA. You can follow the link to see how it looks on her and then you can compare. Isn’t it bang on similar? Its one of the very few neutral lipsticks that suit our yellow Indian skin.
  • Lakme 9 to 5 Tea Break: This is my other bet. If it isn’t Coffee Command then its definitely Tea Break. Agnirupa has reviewed and swatched the lipstick here. Again you can follow the link to see how it looks on her.

Apart from that you can check my nude lipstick list for more such recommendations.

You can check the tvc I’m talking about: