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Lipstick Collection of an Indian Beauty Blogger!

Lipstick Collection – MAC, Lakme, Colorbar, Maybelline, Chambor, Revlon, Bobbi Brown, L’Oreal, Rimmel

By Contributor: Ramitha

Well, Anshita thought this will be a fun post to do and I couldn’t agree more. I personally love seeing makeup collections of beauty bloggers and youtube gurus. A lot of bloggers keep showing their eyeshadow collection, blush collection, eye pencils collection, jewelery collection. While others post their MAC

collections. I am a lipstick buff and hence doing a lipstick collection post including all Indian and international brands. This is what we beauty bloggers do and I am really not trying to show off and I am very sure most of you guys have a bigger collection than mine!


lipstick organizer

I basically arrange or organize all my lipsticks in the container i got from flipkart on Ankita’s recommendation (corallista) . The container is called lock and lock inplus and currently they are out of stock online but you can always provide your email id and they will notify you when it is back in stock for all those who wish to buy this, but I did see similar ones in lifestyle in the home section.

lipsticks arranged row wise

I have arranged my lipsticks brand wise which looks neat and I can always compare which brands lipsticks I have the most. Right now its close competition between Lakme and Colorbar! I always gravitate towards their lip products, well who doesn’t..tell me.

lipglosses and lip crayons

I am more of a lipstick person so all my lip glosses like my Lakme Absolute and chambor glitzy lip glosses, my rimmel apocalips, colorbar take me as i am lipcolors, Clinique chubby sticks, lakme aquashine lip colors are kept in the last compartment.

my lipsticks

I am going to go row wise, the first row contains all my Lakme , L’oreal , Chambor, Rimmel, Deborah, Bourjois, Revlon and Colorbar lip pencils.

brand wise organisation of lipsticks

Second row contains all my Colorbar, MAC, Inglot, Maybelline, Rimmel and all my assorted lip glosses and lip balm stains.

colorbar and lakme lipsticks

I had so much fun taking the pics. I was just worried I won’t knock them off!

my lipstick collection indian

Just look at cute!


I hope you had as much fun reading it as much I had taking the pictures and writing this, my hands were literally shaking while arranging them and the result was the epic domino effect which I did manage to capture only because I sat there thinking what do I do now?!

How many lipsticks do you have? Tell us about your lipsticks and we may feature you!

Did you like the lipstick organization? Share your views with us.

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  • Omg!!!!!! *Drooling*
    Oooohlala!! Stunning collection u hv ♥ gimme ur address na :P

  • Wow, that's quite a collection. My 12 something lipsticks are nothing compared to your goodies :D

    • Trust me i never thought i would end up having so much of them :) it was just a realisation that i am a complete lippie junkie :)

  • I am sooo jealous of ur collection u know :D , I barely have 8-10 lipsticks, actually I just started using them and hence. BTW I am always on lookout of some great drugstore worthy and matte lipsticks and hence would love to know ur favorite mattes in the budget range ( Rs 200-400) and also MLBB shades. I can really consider u a lipstick guru now and hence would love to know ur trusted opinion , hope u don't mind :))

      • Hey sonia i finally got time to reply and I really dont mind answering :) If you are really looking for drugstore matte lipsticks lakme nine to five lippies are great i own about 7 of them, they have good color range also from pinks to nudes to browns. You will definitely find color you like. Other than matte finish drugstore brand lippies i like is colorbar, they have some amazing colors formulas you can give them a try to. Other thing i absolutely love is the bourjois lip pencils, they just cost 295 bucks and i use them almost everyday. As far as MLBB shade goes i still am on the hunt for perfect MLBB shade. Oh yes u can give rimmel lipsticks also a try i just love them too. I hope this was helpful sonia :)

  • Oh my!!! This is such a treat to my eyes! I wanted to do something like this for ages, but the thought of doing it makes me tired. :P ( lazy me)
    What lovely collection your have!

    • oh god u wont believe i gave up once because it was so tiring and consumes so much of patience but i really wanted to do this post :)

  • A big coincidence that i did a same post today..albeit a very very small one compared to this....U have a huge collection Ramitha...loved it!!!

    • wow i just loved d shieshido lip pencil definitely adding to my wishlist :) and thanks a lot.. :)


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