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Lip Ice Sheer Color Strawberry Review, Swatches ~ The Colour Changing Balm

Lip Ice Sheer Color Strawberry Lip Balm
Yesterday we were watching 2012 and this movie has this awesome capacity to spark off debates in my family. So while we still debate over what Mayans actually meant by their predictions, you read on about Lip Ice!

So you know the drill about Lip Ice. You put it on and it goes on clear then changes colour within two minutes. The one I used before was Lip Ice Natural and this one is Strawberry. This gives a subtle pink tint. On my lips it looks almost reddish pink. It will work more for you if you have pale lips. You can deepen the colour by layering it. Like its a sheer pink in 2-3 swipes and turns into deep pink in 7-8 swipes. I usually carry it around when I’m travelling and it is a savior in those badly lit washrooms where I put it on blindly having full faith it its subtle pinkness. The best part is no matter how much you layer it, it never feels waxy.

The tint you get has to be traded off with the moisturization. Its almost like the Nivea Fruity Shine lip balms in this regard, which isn’t great in moisturization either. So, what I do is apply a thin coat of Maybelline Color Smooth lip balm first (which was a dud in the tint departement). Why can’t they have it all..like tint + moisture together? There is nothing icy in it, being from the Lip Ice range. No cooling sensation. Its a regular tinted balm except that it goes on sheer and changes colour later on. Also, you need to completely remove it first before re-applying or it would start looking flaky.

Here are the swatches:

this one is after 2 swipes
and this one is after 6-7 swipes

Price: Rs. 190

Availability: I got it from urbantouch.com. Also available at healthkart and stylecraze.

So is it for you? Yes if you want some fun makeup in your kitty and want those natural pink lips. You can deepen the colour by layering it and it never ever feels waxy. Although the moisturization is not that good and you need to re-apply often.

PS – I have more than 6-7 tinted balms and I’m thinking of doing a comparison post!

24 thoughts on “Lip Ice Sheer Color Strawberry Review, Swatches ~ The Colour Changing Balm”

  1. I looowe Lipice….got it from their website but now see it even in stores, right in time when I need a new one :)
    Tricky at first but now I’ve gotten used to the number of swipes it needs :)

  2. i used to have a colour changing balm very similar to this one … except that the pink colour dat showed up on my lips was sooo tacky !!!! thanks for the review !!


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