Lime Crime Pink Velvet Velvetine: Review, Swatches, Dupes and FOTD

Lime Crime Pink Velvet Velvetine Review

By Contributor: Aditi

You know what girls no sooner than later would I be at a retard gun shot by my mom. For spending allll the hard earned money on my crazy whims. For example I couldn’t get Lime Crime shipped to India so I just grabbed a good friend who also is a contributor for VNA and asked her to get me a LIME CRIME VELVETINE. She got in touch with another friend of hers and gets the deal done for some 2200 including the shipping as she would get it shipped from the US via some sources. So I ended up buying the shade Pink 

Velvet for a whole 1000 bucks more than the original price. Let’s start with the reviews and swatches. I’m also listing some dupes in the post.

I’m going through HOP which means hooked on pink phase. Its been running from over 6 months now. And this resulted in a lot of pink madness. Girls hands down Velevetine is the besetestest (if that’s the word) matte finish lipstick ever since I started out with makeup. I don’t have words to explain how much I love it. Maybe I would trade my VK FOR a bunch of these (vk u gotta be reading this). It’s the lllloongggggeesssssstttt ever staying lip product  and the best thing is that its vegan and cruelity free.

The packaging is really great. It has a red floral cap with a clear matte glas tube with the product easly visible,and it comes wit the regular doe foot applicator.

Its the most beautiful pink that I have ever ever tried. Yeah after this my MAC girl about town has stepped back. It has warm undertones but yet it doesn’t make the teeth look yellow or make my complexion look darker.

A really lips friendly formula. Not like other matte lipsticks that leave your lips even more dry. This one sticks to your lips like second skin and doesn’t flake off or dry your lips at all.

The texture is really amazing. When you pop the doe foot applicator out of the tube, its thin and on the runny side. You apply it on your lips (mind it be very precise with application because it stains really deep) Yeah so you put it on your lips and let is just dry for 10 seconds or so and there you are with the perfect chic matte lip

As I told about the staying power. Its like crazy. On me I have tested it for 8 hours and let me tell you in these 8 hours I drank frooti, ate lunch, brushed my teeth, slept, had coffee, ate chips and it was still on. Then I got irritated and removed it off with a makeup remover and sweeties all through this process this bad boy stayed intact on my lips like a devil (I don’t know kis mitti se bana hai ye!!)

Yes.. until I finally removed it with a makeup remover this velvetine stayed intact on my lips. Can u imagine even while I brushed and rinsed it was exact as it was when I had applied. Till the end it was intact with just a little wearing off from the inner corners of the lips

How it looks on my lips

Pros of Lime Crime Pink Velvet Velvetine:

  • A very pretty bright pink with warm tones
  • Longest staying matte lipstick ever. I’ve tested it for 8hrs+
  • A very comfortable formula which never makes my lips dry or look flaky
  • Applies very smooth and even

Cons of Lime Crime Pink Velvet Velvetine:

  • The only con is the availability in india
  • I wont talk about the price as I find the original price of this product great for the staying power which is 20$. Even though I bought it for much higher. For all this my heart is at peace even after having payed 1000 bucks more for the product

Price: $20

VNA Rating: 5/5

Dupes: Nyx matte lip cream Addis Ababa is cool toned, Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet 06 Pink Pong, Rimmel apocalips in the shade apocalyptic (color wise)

So overall to sum up I would say it’s a great grab for indian brides as it stays intact plus they have good colors like the pink one im wearing and also a red to suit indian brides. If you want just top it on with a quality clear gloss or a chapstick maybe. I am surely gonna wear this on my wedding.. (I hope lime crime continues manufacturing it for another  4-5 years). Over all if you get a chance grab it guys.. it’s a good deal

Have you tried Lime Crime Velvetine? Share your views with us.

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  • It looks amazing! These days I'm more into matte finishes, I really want to try this! ^_^

  • Wow ! Your lips look beautiful. ♡ I have been trying to get my hands on these magical limecrime products too. Wish there was a way we could get their stuff easily, here in India !
    Do you know other vegan makeup brands (which sell in India) ?

    • Well akshita as I have been recently uodated abt lime crime's shipping policy. .
      They now safely ship to india with 10$ as their flat shipping rate no matter how many products u order...
      No such impressive vegan brands are easily branched out in india bt I would suggest to go in fir too faced and tarte.. I guess physicians formula is also one of them..
      I would say go on to or u can have easy acess to physicians formula and too faced on the respective sites..
      Well bt everything apart this is the best one
      U can also try the melted lipstick from toofaced

    • Thanks a alot srishti..
      Indeed its a must have plus it's. Matte so it has all my love

  • It's one of the best pink lispstick I have seen so far. Lovely colour.

  • i don't mean to sound gay . but the color is so lovely ( and it looks so lovely on you), that it makes your lips look tempting !! :D

    • Oh srishti.. u just dont sound gay..instead soo sweet to have commented
      M glad u liked it
      Much love ♡


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