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Life without Maggi: one thing LEAD to another.

Maggi ban uplifted

“You either die a hero or you wait long enough to become the villain.”

We all had an emotional breakdown after the government banned Nestlé’sMaggi. We cried because it was the only thing we could cook without burning the house down. It was our savior and our only friend during our limitless all-nighters. We became like Devdas without daaru, and turned into junkies who couldn’t get a fix.
The crew at The Indian Idiot helps us to come to terms with the harsh reality of what life without Maggi has become, in their first heart wrenching hilarious video.

The video starts with our well-wisher Immortal Mukess begging us to not make the same mistake he made.

Maggi lead mukesh ban      #RIPMukessbruh

Then it leads to different News Channels talking about the Maggi crisis. You can’t just miss Arnab Goswami talking to our low budget Rahul Gandhi about Maggi. As you might smell, the answers are hilarious.
Arnab Rahul Gandhi Maggi
Action sequences which are better than most Rohit Shetty movies.

Indian mom reacts to maggi ban

We also get a glimpse of how Maggi has now become a dangerous drug being dealt by Desi Heisenberg. 99.4% pure Masala is all everyone wants.
Maggi drug deal ban
And obviously, no video is complete without some heart wrenching feels. Even if you never liked Maggi noodles, you’re going to miss it after watching the tribute they have made at the end with See You Again song. “For Maggi.”

Maggi tribute miss lead ban  see you again

You can watch the full video here:

PS – Its a VNA production. Gotcha! The Indian Idiot team has already cooked up more hilarious desi videos so do subscribe to the channel HERE

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  1. Ha ha ha… Very funny…. very enjoyable video…

    But always a substitute is ready for Mango people.


    These are also 2 min substitute and I loved them all.

    Try these guys and wait……


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