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LG Nexus 5X: Review, Favourite Features


Review, Hands On, Camera Test, Price, Buy Online LG Nexus 5X

Google and LG have come together again to make LG Nexus 5X possible. Being a blogger, I always have an added advantage to get things before their official market launch (show off!) and this time its the new nexus 5X that has kept me gushing. I have been sharing photos and tit bits of my #ChampinCity journey with the new LG Nexus 5X on my twitter and facebook page so do follow my handles if you want to see the camera quality in various situations. Today I will review the phone and tell you about the features that have me hooked.

As a blogger, it is imperative that I am always connected and the apps I use are accessible along with high priority to the protection of my data. Google’s has integrated its voice feature “OK Google” voice command that works well for its app permission system even for a noisy ambience. Also with what is known as the “Ambient  Mode”, the phone lets you check all your notifications while it does not consume any power during the process. This sure is an added bonus for those of us who have to keep ourselves hooked to the notification panel for work purposes.


The coolest feature has to be the imprint sensor. I’ve seen this feature in a few high end handsets but this is the first time a medium budget phone has introduced it. Basically it scans your fingerprint to unlock the phone. The sensor is conveniently placed at the back of phone where you rest your index finger so as soon as you hold the phone it unlocks.


Gaston, (Belle’s suitor from Beauty and the Beast) the Selfie Hunter!

Gaston peered over Belle’s shoulder and watched her father busying himself over a sleek rectangular object. ‘Probably another one of his crazy contraptions’, Gaston thought and made a face. He looked over at the young girl who watched her father with big eager eyes, hardly paying attention to him. He was doing this for her after all. Being civil and showing interest in her father’s work to win her affections. It was already noon and he had been here since dawn waiting for Belle’s attentions. Belle looked positively delighted and kept on handing her father the small tools he needed to complete his latest invention. Maurice had said it was going to the invention of the century and it will be something the world had never seen before. Belle kept on bobbing up and down excitedly as she watched her father complete his creation.

“Aha! Finally it is finished!” Maurice yelled suddenly and wrenched out his huge magnifying glasses from his eyes. He held it out forwards towards his daughter who was absolutely beaming with pride.

“What is it, papa?” she asked grinning as she examined the long, broad slim rectangular object with a glass in the front.

“I call it ‘The Nexus 5X’!” Maurice proclaimed eagerly. “What is this, papa?” Belle asked.

“Its a phone, Belle! You can watch videos, send messages and even take pictures with it! I built a 12.3 Mega Pixel camera in it!” Maurice proclaimed, breathless.

“Pictures?” that uplifted Gaston’s attention and he turned to look at ‘The Nexus 5X’. “How can that little thing take pictures, crazy old Maurice?” Gaston mocked and snorted.

Maurice looked offended and glared at the handsome but vain hunter in front of him, “Like this!” he said and took the Nexus 5X from Belle hand and faced it towards Gaston.

Gaston didn’t have time to react and suddenly a bright flash of light emitted from the gadget and blinded his eyes.

“Good lord, you blinded me!” Gaston yelled and rubbed his eyes. “Nonsense young man! I did no such thing. Come here and look for yourself!” Maurice said and handed over the Nexus 5X to Gaston who looked at its screen gobsmacked.

“Good lord! Is…Is this…real?” Gaston chocked. “But of course!” Maurice said gleefully looking at the flabbergasted hunter.

“I look fetching here! Here Belle, do you not think so? Old Man, how is it done?” Gaston asked looking down at now flabbergasted Maurice who stared at him wide-eyed.

When he received no answer, Gaston began to fiddle with the gadget himself. “Aha! So this is how it is done!” He said faced the camera towards himself from various angles. “Jolly! How much more handsome can I get? Look at them! Can anyone compare?” Upwards, downwards, sideways, half-ways and every other possible angle, Gaston kept on taking pictures. While Belle and Maurice looked on dazed.


LG Nexus 5X Review and Camera Photos

This is a world of selfies. From getting up till going back to bed, many of us take pictures all day long and upload them on our social media. No body depends on others for having their picture taken. Front cameras have been a boon for this new generation of selfie enthusiasts. The problem however, lies in the quality of pictures that come out. The front camera’s resolution is not strong therefore, the pictures come out dark and hazy make the pretty selfies a complete and inconsolable disappointment! This independent world needs something that can keep up with their expectations.

While it’s not convenient to wield a camera or lug it around with you everywhere you go, a smartphone is our only ally. However, a recent study has revealed that we don’t actually look the way we think we do in our pictures or even in our selfies! This study by the scientists at the University of New South Wales in Australia has come up with the conclusion that we are 7 percent worse than strangers in recognizing how we look like in selfies. This is attributed to the fact that we have a memory based interpretation of how we look like and is often added to the point that the mirror offers a laterally inverted image of ourselves. So it turns out we prefer our mirror images because we are so familiar and used to it and also the reason why some people use reverse camera selfies and prefer it over photographs taken by someone else! So while this study messes up a bit of what we think about our sefies, why don’t we give ourselves a better shot at it and move over a Smartphone that  helps you solve your Selfie vows!


While selfies is not just everyday people but also bloggers and youtubers need perfect pictures  including the most perfect selfies for their posts, twitter, Facebook and Instagram for work purposes. Beautiful pictures make a person’s website more attractive and colourful. Everybody’s life is opened up on social media through pictures and this is how people communicate now. For the perfect picturization of all those small, intricate details in pictures, a strong camera is needed or the picture loses its point. Quality of picture becomes very important.

For getting the perfect selfie, one doesn’t just need the perfect make-up, background or pout, we need something that clearly shows what we are trying to portray. If the camera is bad, no doubt the selfie will be a disaster and people would have to spend quarter of an hour just to add in the picturesque quality of their face. Therefore, one of the best and most useful feature of the new LG Nexus 5x has to be its camera functionality.


Talking about selfies, the rear camera is 13.6 megapixel and a laser autofocus along with a twin-LED flash and works at 120 frames per second. The front camera is 5 megapixel and also supports 4K video recording at 30 frames per second. It also makes slow motion videos which till now I’ve only seen in a few phones. I made one such video which you can again check at my twitter account.

The pictures do come out amazing and stunning in daylight. Whether or not you would want to use any additional third party filter is completely up to you! The colours were vibrant and the rear camera being so powerful can be used for a variety of shots. Also the front camera is not at all bad when it comes to a quick video chatting. Lemme show you some of the shots I took to test the camera. The Neha Dhupia

photo you see is actually a very zoomed in shot without any blur. I took at an event I attended recently. And before that is a very dimly lit washroom selfie. And below is a low light shot of a market at around 7-8pm.


Thats a slow mo video I captured from LG Nexus 5x

Google has added some great new features in the Nexus 5x like the new USB type-C port instead of the usual port. The battery lasts for a day and charges to full in an hour. The only issue is that you loose the freedom of using just about any charger or power bank, they have to be type C. The battery of the phone isn’t removable and the autofocus laser is near the camera mount along with the fingerprint sensor. It has a Snapdragon 808 processor and you can choose between the non expandable storage of 16GB or 32GB at the time of purchase. Also the screen is quite wide at 5.2 inches apart. The android version is marshmallow.


The 32GB version is priced at 36k while 16GB version is priced at 28k. This smartphone is a perfect fusion of technology, craftsmanship and fashion.  Get ready with your best “selfie face”,  girls.

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