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Watch Out…..There’s a Leopard on the Streets!

animal print dress

I’ve to take my words back. Just in the last post I said I hate rains because the photos turn out so bad but just look at these pics! These were shot yesterday when it was raining so badly that it was difficult to even reach college. It started raining at 8am and continued till noon. But some people can do it all. They can dress up like a fashionista and still come on time (okay not exactly…..she was 40mins late!). But aaal is well if you turn up like this! Yes its Saniya here again. I’m slowly falling in love with her…..latest girl crush! And the best part is the feeling is mutual :P

This time she wore a leopard print ruffled top with black pants and a beige hand bag. Ek thi tigeress? I’m telling you, this girl changes her hand bag with every outfit…..EVERY!

Check out the photos:

animal print outfit
leopard dress
ruffled leopard top
leopard fashion
animal outfit
beige handbag

Tell us how did you like outfit and if you would like to see more of her here. And she will be replying to your queries as well in the comments :)

4 thoughts on “Watch Out…..There’s a Leopard on the Streets!”

  1. I love her animal print top.. i have an animal print shoes and halter neck..totally love animal prints..or is it bcoz of me being a LEO ..lolz..wateva it is ..i love dem!

    great look saniya! :D <3


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