Layer’r Wottagirl Body Splash Mystic Island, Secret Crush Body Mists: Review, Price


Layer’r Wottagirl Mystic Island and Secret Crush Body Splashes Review

Who doesn’t love smelling good and fragrances in every form are a staple. I totally adore body splashes and body mists, they are light and fresh perfect for the daytime, when you want to smell good but at the same time want something that does not smell too obvious. Until now TBS, Victorias Secret and bath & body works were my preferred choice for body mists. But I was pleasantly surprised to see an Indian brand coming up w ith a great collection of body splashes. And today I will review Layer’r Wottagirl body splashes in Mystic Island and Secret Crush.

Layer’r Claims: The sweet, saccharine essence of Secret Crush, the scentastic, captivating aroma of Mystic Island or the delicious, irresistible fragrance of Vanilla Twist: what are you going to wear today? Layer’r brings you Wottagirl fragrant body splashes; fragrances that will leave you feeling fresh and smelling beautiful.


My Review:

These body splashes comes in a simple cylindrical, transparent bottle with a colorful overlay.  Every variant has different patterns on it describing the fragrance with clear m ist inside.  Mystic Island has different hues of blue and pink overlay with flower prints on it and Secret crush has a combination of pink and purple hearts on it.

The bottle seems to be made up of plastic bottle and feels very sturdy. I quite like the size of the bottle it is not too big or bulky, the cap shuts securely hence the bottle can be carried along in a handbag. It sprays a fine mist and has sturdy mechanism. Originally it was launched in three variants and later on there were some new variants introduced. At first I picked up the Mystic Island one to try it and liked it so much that got Secret Crush as well. Being water based mist it does not irritate skin, it does not stain when sprayed on clothes.


Coming to the fragrance, Mystic Island is a clean fresh scent with prominent floral and musky notes. Initially on spraying it smells a lot more floral but soon settles down to aquatic notes. It is a very mild fragrance and of the two variants this one is more subtle. It is a very balanced scent and will be liked by many.

Secret crush is more of a sweet, fruity and girly fragrance; I can smell lot of fruity notes of mangoes and pineapples in it with an overload of sweetness. I find it a bit too sweet for my liking especially since it is not very mild like the previous one and those with sensitive noses may not like it as much. But if you are into sweet and fruity scents then you will totally love it.

Lasting power differs between the two, Mystic island being more of a mild fragrance lasts for about 3-4 hours before it starts to fade away whereas the secret crush one lasts little longer for about 5-6 hours, I find these last longer when sprayed on clothes rather than on skin but overall lasting power is good for a body splash as they are not too concentrated.


Price: Rs 195 for 135 ml each

VNA Rating: 4.5/5

Conclusion: Layer’r Wottagirl Mystic Island and Secret Crush Body Splashes have surpassed my expectations especially at the inexpensive price point they come at. I recommend these to everyone who are looking for light everyday body splashes or mists that uplifts the mood for the coming day.


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