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Lancome Visionnaire Advanced Multi Correcting Cream: Review, Price


Review, Price, Buy Online Lancome Visionnaire Advanced Multi Correcting Cream

By Contributor: Vanshita

Let me begin by wishing you a happy Indian summer. Harsh outdoor sun strips away any remnants of moisture on your skin. You are left with skin flakier than that of a desert lizard. As if that’s not enough hitting 40 means sunspots try to compensate the lack of beauty spots by proudly proclaiming a sizeable chunk of your facial skin. If you have any love for this poor scorched skin then you would definitely replenish it with a good cream. Enter Lancome Vissionaire to the rescue. Yes I will review the Lancome Visionnaire Advanced Multi Correcting Cream for all you ladies so read on and see if its just hype or it actually works.

Lancome Claims: New vision of skin perfection now in a cream. Discover the 1st Visionnaire Advanced Multi-Correcting Cream that meets women’s expectations in terms of the appearance of wrinkles, radiance and plumpness. Lancôme innovation : a « second skin » cream infused with the unique LR 2412 molecule and combined with a cocktail of ingredients, designed to correct the appearance of the skin. The results? Day after day, wrinkles appear corrected, skin texture looks more even, the skin feels plumped with moisture and luminous. Hydrated, the skin feels more supple and soft. Smoothed, it catches the light for a sublime and lasting glow. Use morning and evening. Dermatologically tested.


My Review of Lancome Visionnaire Cream:

First thing first, I don’t think girls in their twenties need it. I mean why expose your skin to heavy duty chemicals when you can very well take care of it by applying a simple cold cream or almond oil at night.

But for women in their 30’s and beyond this Lancome cream is very beneficial. Although very pricy (it cost me USD 95 at the Dubai duty free) this cream multi correcting cream does make the skin smooth and pores small. I prefer to use it just once a day in morning under my makeup but ideally, it should be used twice a day to reap its full benefits. It’s a souffle of sorts which requires a bit of sun screen and a very light coverage, maybe, CC or BB cream and you are good to go to an office or outside in the sun.

The price is not for the light hearted. It is 50ml with an expiry of 12 months. It should get over much before that as the application expected is twice a day. You don’t need large dollops of the advanced Lancome cream. Just take a little on your fingertips. Spread dots all over your face, then spread it with your hands as your hands have the warmth which will help penetrate the cream into the skin further. Be sure to wash your hands before you do this. Super excited as I was, I tore off the carton in a hurry so cannot share the pictures of the carton. We have to do the best with what we have left now.

The Lancome Vissionaire claims to provide an advanced multi-correcting cream.


Th is is an amazing cream,

It is no less than a wonderful dream,

For it has the power to make my pores smaller,

In middle age I finally found,

A beauty elixir that’s so profound!

Lame! I know but the benefits and effects of this cream are so awesome that you would also want to write an ode to it.


Love Lancome Visionnaire Advanced Multi Correcting Cream because:

  • For its cool packaging. Aqua blue glass bottle with silvery shiny cap.
  • Smooth texture
  • Very faint citrus smell suitable for sensitive skins.
  • Ability to even out skin
  • Prep skin for make up
  • Even when used just with sunscreen it makes the skin look dewy and prepped up
  • Does not leave any oily residue
  • At the same time does not give the stretchy vanishing cream effect

Shove Lancome Visionnaire Advanced Multi Correcting Cream because:

  • Very pricey , costs a bomb
  • Does not have sunscreen


Price: $95

VNA Rating: 4.5/5

Where to Buy Online in India: amazon.in

Conclusion: It does not make my skin oily but that could be because I have extra dry skin. And as you all know by now my rant of being forty years old. It is non comedogenic. What it means in simpler terms is that the skin will not break out. Not today, and definitely not on a hot date.My pet peeve is they should include sun screen into this so the lazy bones like me have to use a single product. A sort of complete go to cream. Though it is not recommended to be applied on lips but I just did and the results are just awesome. But I hate, hate, hate its price. Leaves a sizable dent in my pocket. But all said and done this cream did meet its promise of evening out my skin tone, making my pores look smaller and overall a dewy complexion effect. All you girls try it out and tell me your experiences.

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  1. I have heard so much about this product and always wanted to buy it for my Mom. May be at her next birthday. From tomorrow only I’ll start saving money :D . Thanks for reviewing

    • Maybe if we get in India the prices might be as per our currency. I really don’t know where to get it. Perhaps in saket mall.


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