Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Face Wash: Review and Price

Review and Price of Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Face Wash Daily Salon Boost

By Contributor: Vidhi

My first Face wash was from LAKME (the strawberry one) I remember washing my face with it in winters used to be a nightmare (days were none the less) One may ask why, because it used to dry my skin a lot (I already have dry skin) and it used to leave a cooling effect for 5 minutes ( Its already winter..cold air blows all the time and on top of that you give a cooling seriously!) After all this I had to switch to another face wash and since then my experiments with face washes never ended-stopped-closed!  (Back from nostalgia) I recently hauled a lot of products out of  which I pickeddaily salon boost Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening

Face Wash to review first, so (what are we waiting for) let’s begin!

Lakme claims: Get Salon Fair look everyday with Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Face Wash. Recommended by Lakme Salon Professionals: Professionals recommend everyday use of Perfect Radiance range of products. De-Tanning and Skin Polishing Action: De-tanning and skin lightening vitamins, give you fair looking skin. Extract impurities from the deepest layers of your epidermis to give a polished and glowing look to your skin that you love. Salon Fair Look Everyday: Leaves you with spectacular results – Fair look as if just stepped out of the salon. For Best Results: Follow with Lakme Perfect Radiance Day Crème or Night Crème.

Lakme Perfect Radiance Face Wash ingredients

My Review:

I have been using this for a week now, the change I see is that, it brings an instant glow to face after every use and just a peanut size amount is enough which you have to lather between your palms and then massage all over your face in circular motions. The fruity smell makes me go gaga over it (I sometimes uncap and smell it because I just love the smell).

It has a screw cap and creamy white coloured body which looks very elegant. The Face wash has a very faint pink colour and comes out hassle free.

Apart from the glow on the face and also it also brightens one’s face. I didn’t find any other major difference, okay may be using this face wash for atleast a month along with Lakme Perfect Radiance Day Creme or Night Creme one may find (major) noticeable changes.

What I like about this face wash is that it cleanses your face deeply from the pores (yes it removes all the dirt, may be because of this, your face gets a glow). Another thing I noticed about this face wash is that they have mentioned it has Iodine (like why). So here I have listed one of the benefit of Iodine for skin (after a detailed search on google)

Iodine Skin Benefits:  Heals skin scars and pimples

Since ages, iodine has been used as a strong disinfectant and an antibacterial agent. Applying iodine on cuts and wounds will heal them faster. Nevertheless, new researches have suggested that putting iodine on a wound after it has formed a scab is a more effective treatment. It accentuates skin regeneration and removes skin tags and fine lines. It is also a common aid for skin conditions like pimples or acne . With the grocery store shelves full with skin care cosmetics, it’s pretty natural to get misguided. However, before you go for those expensive serums and creams, consider the benefits of some essential body nutrients and minerals. This is a not very surprising use of Iodine on skin as it is anyway used as an disinfectant to clean wounds in first aid.

So I guess with continuous use one may find the difference and which in turn will help in reducing tanning.

Lakme Intense Whitening Face Wash

Why to buy Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Face Wash:

  • It removes dirt from the pores
  • Gives a (sweet) glow to your face
  • Brightens your face
  • Contains Iodine which helps in skin regeneration and fight pimples (this is what iodine does)
  • It’s fairly priced and within budget
  • It will last for around 25 days max to a month (because of the little amount you need)
  • Has a fruity smell
  • Looks elegant (yeah I find it)

Why not to buy Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Face Wash:

  • Its soap based (for those who don’t like soap based face washes)
  • It is not suitable for winters as it dries skin (one can use a moisturizer though and the problem gets solved)
  • Availability (it was not available in stores near my house)

Price: Rs.99 for 50g

VNA Rating: 4.5/5

Will I Repurchase? YES

Do I recommend? Yes yes yes!! But if you have very dry skin then avoid it in winters.

Have you tried Lakme Perfect Radiance Whitening Face Wash? Share your reviews with us.

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