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Lakme Lip Love Lip Care Review, Swatches: Strawberry


Review, Swatches, Price of Lakme lip love lip care balm Strawberry

By Contributor: Aruna

After reviewing the shade Cherry from the lakme lip love lip balm range. I have to say, I had high hopes from the pink shade Strawberry too.  The colour looks beautiful in the tube, a perfect fuchsia.  And with such colours, if the pigmentation is right then the results can be absolutely gorgeous! I will review and swatch the Strawberry lip care balm from Lakme today.

Lakme Claims: Say hello to Lakme’s newest offering, Lip Love Lip Care – a range of dual core lip balms, the first of its kind in India. Available in 4 flavours – Cherry, Strawberry, Peach and Vanilla. Lip Love is ‘a little tint with lots of love’. Keep those lips moisturized and protected with a winning combination of a luscious creamy core along with a hint of tint and SPF 15. Lakme’s Lip Love tinted sticks are here to make sure you enjoy the best of both worlds!


My Review:

The packaging of this lip balm is pretty, colour coded and conveniently small to throw in one’s handbag and use it on the go. The only complaint that I have is that the lid is rather flimsy. I’m constantly afraid that it will break if I a drop it even once.

Texture wise, the lakme lip love balms score higher than the Maybelline baby lips in my opinion. It is thicker which means that it will stay for a longer duration on your lips. However, I have noticed that once the lip balm has faded away, the moisturised feeling on the lips last only for an hour or two.  It does contain an SPF 15 which is big pro for those of us who have to spend time outdoors. It has a strong fruity and chemically scent to it and tastes artificially sweet (if that makes any sense!).


As I had said before, the intensity of the tint varies from shade to shade, and this is where this shade fails miserably! One would think, looking at the bullet that the product will impart a beautiful pink tint to one’s lips. But it doesn’t really do any of that. The pigmentation is so lacklustre that to get the colour to show up in the swatches, I had to layer it at least 9 to 10 times! Once applied to the lips there is hardly any colour payoff at all and one has to layer the product a lot of times to get the desired colour which doesn’t look so good. On applying one to three layers all you will get is a glossy sheen to the lips and hardly any pink colour.

The lasting power of this product on me is 3 to 4 hours which is standard for any lip balms. It does not sit heavy on the lips and moisturises well once it is on.


Pros of Lakme Lip Love Lip Care Strawberry Lip Balm:

  • Affordable at 200 bucks
  • Decent lasting power
  • Moisturises well
  • Has an SPF 15 so protects from sun
  • Easily available online and across all local stores

Cons of Lakme Lip Love Lip Care Strawberry Lip Balm:

  • Has a strong scent
  • No pigmentation. You have to swipe it 8-9 times to get some colour.
  • Flimsy lid


Price: Rs.200

VNA Rating: 3/5

Conclusion: Steer clear of this shade if you are inquisitive about the new lakme lip balms. This one could have been a high scorer only if it had better pigmentation.

Have you tried Lakme Lip Love Lip Care Strawberry? Share your reviews with us.

24 thoughts on “Lakme Lip Love Lip Care Review, Swatches: Strawberry”

  1. It’s nice I like almost everything about it specially that it has also got SPF 15 I only wish if it had a better pigmentation. Thanks for the review :(

  2. I always love strawberry! :) And this review is aboslutely awesome <3
    And yes, This tint is just perfect :)

  3. Actully u have dark lips thats why its not looking nice on you…but its perfect on my lips with just one stroke..


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