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Lakme Invisible Finish Foundation- blast from the past!

Nostalgia came knocking today and I decided to review this- too filmy!!
Okay so this was the first ever foundation I ever used bought (except a few wrong shades from my mom’s dressing table!). I still come back to it whenever I wear a foundation that is.
It says:  Blends perfectly with your skin, Offers full coverage for a flawless invisible finish, Is water based, ultra light when applied.
Price and Quantity: Rs.185 ($4) and 25ml
Available in: 8 shades, 3 and 6 not available in India
What I love about it:
  • The shade is a perfect hit. It has the right amount of yellow undertones which matches my skin perfectly. I have 02.

  • Blending it is easy. When I didn’t have any makeup tools, I used to apply it with fingers and it blended nicely. Later I moved on to foundation brushes which provided even better finish and now I’ve graduated to kabuki brushes and it blends perfectly.
  • The coverage is sheer to medium and you can build it up.
  • It has Spf 8 as per their claims.
  • Doesn’t look cakey and heavy. Although you do need a moisturizer underneath.
swatch- unblended
swatch- blended
What I don’t like:
  • It melts down in the summer sun and wears off. So using it in summers is a very bad idea.
  • It transfers to your cell phones and shirts even after blending properly- Don’t wear it out in the summer heat!
Recommendation– I love this and everyone can get a match in the shades range. It is one of the best foundations lakme ever made. I definitely recommend it for winters and less humid climates. If you are staring out on foundations, then this is where you should invest first.

9 thoughts on “Lakme Invisible Finish Foundation- blast from the past!”

  1. I love this foundation yar…its so annoying tht it doesnt last ! Its like the exact match for my skin and i keep looking for other foundations to match this…i am hoping lakme absolute comes out with a long lasting version of this.

  2. A couple of coincidences here..
    1. I just posted asking people to tell me about their favorite and affordable foundation.. So I guess I will include this in that list anyway..

    Secondly, I also took my nearing expiry but barely used foundation and used it today :)

    is this still available?

  3. 1.8 shades, 3 and 6 not available in India.
    Isn’t Lakme an Indian brand? Where else would you find 3 & 6?
    2. After wearing this, try setting it with powder. It will transfer less or might not at all. :)
    My MAC Foundation transferred earlier too. Then I started setting it with powder. Hope it helps!

  4. I second Mehak. It matches the skin tones perfectly, but its a shame that it doesn’t last long.
    I have noticed another thing. Although 8 shades are available altogether, only the first four shades are available in the shops. So, what would the darker skinned girls do?


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