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Lakme Invisible Finish Foundation- blast from the past!

Nostalgia came knocking today and I decided to review this- too filmy!!
Okay so this was the first ever foundation I ever used bought (except a few wrong shades from my mom’s dressing table!). I still come back to it whenever I wear a foundation that is.
It says:  Blends perfectly with your skin, Offers full coverage for a flawless invisible finish, Is water based, ultra light when applied.
Price and Quantity: Rs.185 ($4) and 25ml
Available in: 8 shades, 3 and 6 not available in India
What I love about it:
  • The shade is a perfect hit. It has the right amount of yellow undertones which matches my skin perfectly. I have 02.

  • Blending it is easy. When I didn’t have any makeup tools, I used to apply it with fingers and it blended nicely. Later I moved on to foundation brushes which provided even better finish and now I’ve graduated to kabuki brushes and it blends perfectly.
  • The coverage is sheer to medium and you can build it up.
  • It has Spf 8 as per their claims.
  • Doesn’t look cakey and heavy. Although you do need a moisturizer underneath.
swatch- unblended
swatch- blended
What I don’t like:
  • It melts down in the summer sun and wears off. So using it in summers is a very bad idea.
  • It transfers to your cell phones and shirts even after blending properly- Don’t wear it out in the summer heat!
Recommendation– I love this and everyone can get a match in the shades range. It is one of the best foundations lakme ever made. I definitely recommend it for winters and less humid climates. If you are staring out on foundations, then this is where you should invest first.

11 thoughts on “Lakme Invisible Finish Foundation- blast from the past!”

  1. I love this foundation yar…its so annoying tht it doesnt last ! Its like the exact match for my skin and i keep looking for other foundations to match this…i am hoping lakme absolute comes out with a long lasting version of this.

  2. A couple of coincidences here..
    1. I just posted asking people to tell me about their favorite and affordable foundation.. So I guess I will include this in that list anyway..

    Secondly, I also took my nearing expiry but barely used foundation and used it today :)

    is this still available?

  3. 1.8 shades, 3 and 6 not available in India.
    Isn’t Lakme an Indian brand? Where else would you find 3 & 6?
    2. After wearing this, try setting it with powder. It will transfer less or might not at all. :)
    My MAC Foundation transferred earlier too. Then I started setting it with powder. Hope it helps!

  4. I second Mehak. It matches the skin tones perfectly, but its a shame that it doesn’t last long.
    I have noticed another thing. Although 8 shades are available altogether, only the first four shades are available in the shops. So, what would the darker skinned girls do?


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