Lakme Face Magic Skin Tints Souffle Foundation Natural Marble: Review and Swatches

Review, Swatches and Price of Lakme Face Magic Skin Tints Souffle Foundation in shade Natural Marble

People normally associate fragrances and songs with old memories. I get nostalgic when brands rebrand and launch their old products. That’s what happened when L’Oreal recently introduced the rebranded Infallible lipstick range. And now its Lakme launching the old daily wear face magic souffle. I was not into makeup back then in college and it was the only foundation I had. Now they have labeled it as Lakme Skin Tints Face Magic Souffle which comes in 3 shades: Marble, Pearl and Shell. I will review and swatch the shade Natural Marble. With times memories change and now I associate the souffle with the kick ass mumbai trip I had last month where I picked this up.

Lakme Claims: Perfect for everyday use, Lakme Face Magic Skin Tints Souffle adds a distinctive quotient to moments in your day. This water-based solution is easy to blend and offers a combination of makeup and skincare that is perfect for radiance and protection. Offering an instant glow, this SPF solution has cucumber extracts that keeps the skin cool, moist and protected from the scorching sun. That’s not all! The souffle also comes in different shades to fit every skin tone from Shell, Pearl and Marble, this face magic souffle is everything you need to add that magic in your day.

My Review:

I got this because I was bored of my BB creams and wanted a change. And since I have used the older version i.e Lakme Daily Wear Souffle which used to be my favourite in college, I was expecting a lot from this. The only reason I used to love it is that it gave this glow to my face and it was probably the only daily wear foundation in the market that time which suited my dusky Indian skin.

This time I went for a lighter shade because the darkest shade Shell is very orange and makes you look like you have got fake tan on. I would suggest it to girls avove NC45 but do try it out first. The middle shade Pearl was out of stock (everywhere!) so I settled for the lightest shade called Natural Marble. Lakme has this habit of keeping the shade names same but changing the actual shade so do not go by this shade chart for their other foundations and compacts. Sometimes Pearl is lightest, the other times Marble takes the first place..y u no make ur mind Lakme! The Face Magic Skin Tint Creme launched with this souffle has a different shade chart which you can see by following the link.

Lakme Souffle Natural Marble is a very close match for my NC35 skin in winters although it still feels a little light. Girls ranging from NC30-37 might like this shade. Although the fairer lot..nope you don’t have anything here. You anyway have so many foundations tailor matched for you that I don’t even feel sorry!

Texture wise its great. The consistency is like some light whipped cream which is very easy to blend. I mostly use my fingers for it. It never looks cakey or made up and gives a slight glow to the face. Although it might emphasize dry patches on your face so make sure you moisturize well. Although I’m sure it would my skin oily in summers.

In terms of coverage, its sheer. I won’t suggest building it up as it might turn cakey. It won’t cover any spots or marks on your face but just even out your skin tone. I recommend it for college girls with pretty much clear skin.

The staying power is around 3-4 hours which is okay for a low price product like this.

looks whitish on my darker arms left: unblended, right: blended

I am wearing the Lakme Face Magic Souffle in this look. You can still see the small marks

Pros of Lakme Face Magic Skin Tints Souffle Natural Marble:

  • I love the texture of the souffle. It has this whipped cream like consistency which makes it very easy to blend.
  • Its light enough for daily wear when you don’t want anything heavy on your face.
  • I like that Lakme has got darker shades in this souffle foundation.
  • Doesn’t look made up or cakey.
  • Recommended for college girls.

Cons of Lakme Face Magic Skin Tints Souffle Foundation:

  • While I like the natural look it gives, its too sheer to provide any coverage at all.
  • The darkest shade Shell has strong orange tones like the previous version. Dark doesn’t mean orange Lakme!
  • Lasts for 3-4 hours.
  • Shade names are confusing.

Price: Rs.160

VNA Rating: 3.5/5

So is it for you? If you are a college girl who has just started with makeup then you might like the Lakme Face Magic Souffle because its cheap, easy to blend, gives a slight glow and cover up redness. For other girls, you have the trusted BB creams.

Have you tried Lakme Face Magic Skin Tints Souffle Foundation? Share your views with us.

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