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What’s Good About Lakme Eyeconic Mascara?

lakme mascara
Lakme Eyeconic Mascara Review, Swatches

I always wanted a wand for myself ever since I got hit by potter fever. And now not just one, I own many. And the latest addition to my wand collection is this 2¾ inches, black zigzagy hair, bent at a particular angle wand. Although mine doesn’t have unicorn hair in it. But it still can cast spells on people I meet. Meet my new toy, Lakme Eyeconic Mascara.

The first thing you will notice about the Eyeconic mascara is that its very black. We Indians have a thing for blackest black kajals and mascaras. Other thing about this mascara is that it gives this wet look. I’ve a few mascaras which feel heavy after they dry and you have something-on-my-eyes feeling. This one never gets super dry so it gives a natural wet effect. On the other side it takes a couple of minutes to dry so you need to spare 2mins before you can proceed further with your eye makeup.

Now its a curling mascara so don’t expect volume from it. I like how the wand is bent at a particular angle so you can get to the inner corners of your eyes. I don’t use an eyel ash curler (too cumbersome and okay most of the times I simply forget….I’ve a very sharp memory otherwise but keep forgetting the normal routine things, weird). It does curl your lashes. Not the super dramatic curl but the enough to not make it look unnatural. It separates your lashes and doesn’t clump them together or makes them look spidery. I don’t see it being promoted as a waterproof mascara and nor I tried washing my eyes after it so can’t comment on that.

It really depends on your personal preference. I generally avoid wearing Maybelline Colossal to college because it gives that super dramatic effect. So Lakme Eyeconic is my answer for naturally curly lashes. This is school, college and office safe! (ya why not? school girls do wear makeup these days. better than me who didn’t even used to wear kohl..ughh I hate to see those pics now)

eyeconic mascara
Lakme Eyeconic Curling Mascara Review, Swatches
The wand

curl mascara
before and after photos of Lakme Eyeconic Curling mascara
Lakme Eyeconic mascara on my eyes
Price: Rs.250
So is it for you? Yes if you want a very daytime and natural black curly lashes look, nothing too dramatic. The mascara is super black and separates your lashes. I wish it was water-proof though. The price is very in budget too. This in my opinion is apt for teenagers.

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  1. @jyoti volume not so much…..but yes curls :)

    @jiya yes its not waterproof but its not monsoon yet so can use na..

    @jannatul rahamoni thanks

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    I am Mukul from Bangladesh.I want to import some cosmetics item.Plz send to me all information with price and top ten item.


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