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Lakme Clean Up Fresh Fairness Face Scrub Review

lakme scrub review

 Lakme 3 Step Clean Up: Fresh Fairness Face Scrub

A short and quick review on my latest favourite in skin care and a dupe of St. Ives scrub. I also featured it in my skin care favourites post.

Lakme Claims: Salon like clean up now everyday at home! Its vitabeads and natural exfoliants are known to unclog pores to help remove blackheads, dead cells and excess oil for deeply clean, fresh and fair skin.

The face scrub reminds me of St.Ives face scrub which btw is a favourite of mine. The texture, granules, feel, results….all are similar to St. Ives which means…..I have found myself another favourite! Its a creamy scrub with a thick consistency. The granules are slightly smaller than the St. Ives but they still do the job. Upon application it tingles for a few seconds, after that it gets fine. Nothing my sensitive skin can’t handle. It doesn’t make

  my face red or patchy post application.

It leaves my face fresh, clean and oil free but definitely not fairer! It never dries out my face or make it feel stretchy. Although it didn’t take out any blackheads or whiteheads, no scrub can. So its a little pointless but still thought I would mention since a lot of brands claim that. (Anybody remembers the Garnier blackead campaign? )

Let’s look at the photos:

lakme clean up scrub
Lakme Clean Up Fresh Fairness Face Scrub
lakme fairness scrub
Lakme Clean Up Fresh Fairness Face Scrub Review

If not better, its at par with my all time favourite – St. Ives scrub. But somehow I still prefer St. Ives over it if we HAVE to compare….just a psychological reason I guess.

Price: Rs.99

Rating: 4/5

So is it for you? Yes! Lakme face scrub is one affordable scrub for all skin types including sensitive skin. The creamy texture and thin granules leave your skin exfoliated, oil-free and thoroughly cleaned up. A good scrub to have.

I’ve already reviewed the mask: Lakme Clean Up Face Mask

PS – See I told you it was quick!

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