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Lakme Aquashine Lipcolor ~ Old Rose Review, Swatches – And The Tampon Resemblance?

lakme aquahine lipcolor
Lakme Aquashine lipcolor Old Rose Review, Swatches

Lakme Aquashine Lipcolor Old Rose Review, Swatches
First look and it looks like a tampon. Yes tampon but with a girly pink look. Those of you who are scared of tampons and not sure how to “do it” can practice with this pretty pink tube, they are almost similar! Okay please don’t do that. But tampon makers, take note and give us pink tampons! Btw do you use it? I’m still in two minds. Have read some really scary stories like “the story of a lost tampon…inside”!
This one is from my early blogging days when I was starting with makeup and buying every other product I read a good review about. The first time I saw a swatch of it on a blog I went “ooooh its sooo prettty. oooh its sooo nude. ooooh i’m getting it

The colour Old Rose is a pale nude pink. It is too cool toned to suit us Indians. Every time I try it, it washes out all the colour from my face and I look like a zombie. I’m nc37 in Mac so I guess it should suit someone around nc/nw 25.

Texture, consistency and wear time: The texture is glossy and a bit sticky. The sponge tip applicator is nice but then you never get an even finish on your lips…and that is my biggest concern. You have to twist the tube to open and if you twist it too much than the product gets wasted. But I love twisting it and watching the colour come out of those tiny holes!
I think these Aquashine lip colors were marketed as part of the 9-5 range as “colour of a lipstick, shine of a lipgloss and moisture of a lip balm ” but it actually is 9-11! In flat two hours its all gone. But this is a light nude shade, so I guess may be the darker and more pigmented colours will last long.

Lakme has relaunched these Aquashine Lipcolors with a new packaging and formula. I’m hoping it addresses my problems and really is a new formula and not just old wine in a new bottle!

Check out some photos and swatches:

lakme aquashine
Lakme Aquashine Lipcolor Review, Swatches
lakme pink lipstick gloss
lakme aquashine old rose
Lakme Aquashine lipcolor old rose review, swatches

Price: Rs.425

So is it for you? Yes if you are cool toned and are under nc/nw 25. Girls darker than this cant carry such a pale nude pink. The texture of this aquashine lipcolor is glossy but its difficult to achieve an even finish on lips. The wear time is around 2hrs but I’m guessing the darker shades from this range will stay on loner.

4 thoughts on “Lakme Aquashine Lipcolor ~ Old Rose Review, Swatches – And The Tampon Resemblance?”

  1. the only reason I read this post was your comparison with tampons :D :D (not interested in makeup goodies)…but how can they get lost inside??? anyway, I am scared to try them out too. but, heard from another blogger that its awesome. even she shifted from pads to tampons.

  2. haha .. I also have the lakme aquashine lipcolor but never compared it to tampons !!
    On second thoughts, You should consider trying tampons .. initially you may feel a bit discomfort but as time passes by, You’ll realize its the best thing ever. I’ve been a convert since last 3 years :D

  3. @Swati Murti i dont know but read some girls have forgot to take it out since the thread got lost and found it months later…gross

    @palak i’m really considering it. need to watch some youtube tutes first :P

    @seren too dull..yes. it makes me look dull too


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