Lakme Absolute Magenta Magic Lip Tint Matte: Review, Swatches

Review, Swatches, Price, Buy Online Lakme Absolute Lip Tint Matte Magenta Magic

Lakme has introduced their ‘Lip Pout

’ range this winter/festive season 2015 which comes in six gorgeous shades. They however did have lip crayons earlier by the name of Matte Lip Tints. These bold shades are here to play with your lips and add definition to them and also to enhance your outfits. These chubby sticks give you luscious lips and ebullient matte finish. They feature quick, easy and comfortable application which come in a retractable pencil expelling the sharpeners. My am very excited to review and swatch the Lakme Absolute Lip Tint Matte Magenta Magic for you today.

The six shades are called: Pink Fantasy, Magenta Magic, Tangerine Touch, Ravishing Red, Scarlet Rose and Scarlet Red.

My Review f Lakme Lip Tint Magenta Magic:

I had never used a magenta lip product before as I have been very apprehensive about how it would actually look on me. Turns out, this shade of magenta by lakme absolute has a slight pinkish hue and is bright and vibrant. It adds a pop of bold colour and brightens up the face and will go really well with an evening attire and will also brighten up a regular morning wear. Just like the other two shades (Tangerine Touch and Pink Fantasy), it was very exciting to get a go at these girly, cutesy, crayon-y and ultra bright chubby sticks! The fragrance of lakme lip pout Magenta Magic is light is similar to Pink Fantasy which is slightly aromatic and bubble-gummy.

The twisting knob at the bottom is smooth and the lip pout comes out easily. The quality is wonderful. It glides swiftly on the lips as the consistency is much more creamier than Pink Fantasy. The colour magenta magic does not take too much of an effort to build up. The finish result is absolute matte and lovely, which I adore! The colour and consistency of lakme matte lip tint is very rich and had a bit of a Rihanna vibe in it which makes this colour eye-catching and glamorous.

Finally it was done! Tiana knew her father would be very proud of her. The restaurant that had been his dream was now open to guests! But that was not the only prize she had received for all her hard-work and dedication. Along with her restaurant, she had found the love of her life, Naveen the prince from Maldonia. Their adventures along the Bayou had made them stronger and closer and they were now hopelessly in love. Tonight was the big night; her mother was here along with Tiana’a friends for the restaurant’s grand opening night.

Tiana could hear the jazz players practicing downstairs and she sat in front of her dressing table getting ready for the big event as her mother came into the room.

“Dearest Tiana, how lovely you look! Your father would have been so proud of you!” Her mother said and kissed the new princess on her forehead. “I have another present for you, my dearest!” she said and h anded her a small box. “I wanted to give you something different for the occasion.”

“Oh Mamma!” Tiana began unwrapping it like an excited little girl. Inside the box, there was a bright chubby stick.

“New adventure, new look!” her mother announced. Tiana opened the cap and looked at the beautiful shade of magenta. “Lakme Absolute Lip Tint Matte, Magenta Magic! Mamma, it is beautiful!” she said and applied it on her lips and it completely transformed her outfit.

“You look absolutely stunning, my dear!” her mother gazed at her, proudly.

The restaurant was buzzing with people when Tiana went down.

Tiana walked through the huge restaurant in poise and grace and everyone turned to admire the princess.

Some one in particular was bowled all over again! Prince Naveen offered his new wife his hand.

They both went up and gazed at the night sky reminiscing their first encounter. “You look beautiful, my love!” he said and they knew that their love was absolute and infinite!

What I like about Lakme Absolute Lip Tint Matte in Magenta Magic:

  • Absolute matte finish and lives up to its name.
  • Bubble-gum fragrance which is not at all over powering.
  • Retractable tube packaging which eliminates the sharpening method preventing wastage.
  • Bold, lively colour. Suitable for evening and morning wear/attires.
  • Does not stray once embedded on the lips.
  • Really long lasting.
  • Doesn’t make the lips dry.
  • Easily glides on lips due to the slightly creamy texture as compared to Pink Fantasy.
  • Wonderful and chic packaging.
  • Rich and creamy texture and consistency.
  • Shelf life is of 2 years.

What I do not like about Lakme Absolute Lip Tint Matte in Magenta Magic:

  • No cons of this one for me.

Price in India: Rs.650

VNA Rating: 4.5/5

Where to Buy Online in India:

Conclusion: What can I say! I am absolutely in love with it. It has changed my whole perspective of magenta for my lips.The end result is a gorgeous shade of bold magenta with a slight touch of pink which is very rich and lovely. With a combination of subtle eye make up, this shade is here to rock the world. It has a staying power of over 6 hours and outlasts a major meal! Highly recommended. Worth a try.

By Contributor: Ananya

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