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Lakme Absolute Coloured Hair Extensions in Three Colours – My Experience

Colored red blue purple hair extensions

 Lakme Absolute Hair Extensions – Colour your hair without actually colouring your hair

Yesterday I asked you to guess what I did to my hair. Only one got it right. Smart Zaman! Yes I got coloured hair extensions! My tryst with hair extensions started when I was in 6th grade. My cousin who is 6months younger than me brought these two little chunks of blonde hair. Those were very cheap..I still remember her saying “you owe me 10 rupees“. We clipped them on and omg we were on cloud nine. And since those were stark blonde we felt all the more excited…finally we were phoren and imported.

Lakme brought those memories back when they invited me to try those hair extensions. So I went to this Lakme Absolute Salon in    South Ex Part 1 Delhi (next to Haldiram’s). The easiest way to reach is by opting for a metro. I got down at the AIIMS metro station and took an auto which just took 5mins. Btw Moolchand metro station is a good option too.

Check out the salon photos. Its like a mini tour:

Lakme Absolute Salon Delhi Experience
Lakme Absolute Salon in South Extension Part 1, Delhi Experience

As soon as I entered I clicked a lot of pics to show you guys. They have a hair cut booth, a nail art bar, retail bar and couple of other booths which I don’t know about. But basically different areas for different hair treatments.

Lakme Absolute Salon Delhi Photo
Lakme Absolute hair and beauty Salon

 I was seated on the chair at the extreme right

Lakme Absolute Hair Straightening Booth
Lakme Absolute Hair Salon

They use a lot of TIGI stuff. Apart from that I also spotted Moroccan Oil treatment.

TIGI Hair Products at Lakme Salon
TIGI Hair Products at Lakme Salon


Lakme Absolute Salon Hair Review
A beauty blogger at work

 That’s me before the work got started. Happily clicking some shots for the before after pics.

Indian Beauty Blogger for Lakme
Before getting the hair extensions done

If you are wondering why my hair is in such a sorry state then it was raining and my hair get frizzy in monsoons. Plus I didn’t wear the Kerastase serum…cmon I was going to a hair salon. Do you wear makeup when you go for facials? Yes exactly. My hair is generally straight but I was wearing them in a updo bun like I showed you here which I just opened before entering the salon. Infact I half opened the door but rushed back saying to mom”Ican’t go inside like thisss!”

Lakme Absolute Salon Blog Review
Vanitynoapologies at Lakme Salon

That’s my mom at the back. I really bored her I guess. But I love hanging out with her. Infact we are best shopping buddies. We both leave our friends back when it comes to choosing shopping partners.

Lakme Absolute Funky Coloured Hair Extensions
Lakme Absolute Funky Coloured Hair Extensions

Okay so here are the stars of the show: the funky coloured hair extensions!

Coloured Hair Extension review from Lakme
Coloured Hair Extensions in 3 colours – red, blue and purple

 They come in 3 shades – blue, red and purple

Lakme Absolute Coloured Hair Extensions Experience
Lakme Absolute Coloured Hair Extensions Experience

And this is me sporting the hair extensions!

How to get permanent hair extensions
My permanent hair extensions

I got three extensions done: two in red and one in blue. But now I wish I had gotten the purple one too.

Hair highlights and fake extensions
My fake hair extensions in red and blue

I usually part my hair right. So got two of them on the top right. And the other one on the left shoulder so it shows better. You know we didn’t need to cut off the extensions. Seeing them in the packaging I thought they would be long for my hair but noo they are a couple of inches shorter than mine. God I felt so competitive!

Funky Hair Extensions photos and blog review india
clickety click!

Okay so here are all the details that you would like to know. It took roughly 5mins to clip all of them on my hair. They were fixed on with a tiny plier so they won’t fall off. I kept bugging the guy about all the maintenance and stuff. But he assured there is no maintenance..none at all. I could pretend like they are not even there. These are real human hair so you can heat style them too.

These are supposed to last forever. So these are in a way permanent hair extensions. The colour won’t fade so its all a matter of how long you wish to sport them. I’m planning to keep them on for 5-6 months. My friend’s wedding is in July and sailor will be here in a few months. So I gotta show off then too.

The coloured hair extensions are priced at Rs.1299 per piece. I know its a bit expensive for the young college crowd because these are probably the ones who are more likely to opt for extensions. But then you get a permanent job done with real human hair in bright vivid colours without actually damaging your hair by chemically treating them so you can indulge once in a while. Plus I have used the cheap ebay ones..those were a mess. Lakme hair extensions are available at all Lakme Absolute salons across India.

PS – The cousin just saw the pictures and now want one too. We are extension sisters. And I still owe her the 10 rupeeees.

37 thoughts on “Lakme Absolute Coloured Hair Extensions in Three Colours – My Experience”

  1. Well..i must say..it looks pretty..i think the blue and red together is nice :)
    It’s Lakme and that makes the surety that makes us trust what they say..
    but still after a while pls share the experience with the new hair mates u just got.
    I would personally love to know if it’s really gives that they are not there feel or needs
    some special assistant or care.

  2. I had a purple extension myself for a while and found it a little troublesome to wash my hair with. They look nice but at 1.3 k, i think its a bit too much since many good parlours do it in a 1000 as well.

  3. hey anshita
    u look kooooool in those extensions
    i had colored highlights done on my hair for about 4 months,,,it was somewhat red,,,it looked gr8,,,bt now my family doesnt want me doing it again as dy say it would have adverse effect :D
    anyway i planned on these extensions u should here
    Now as u have already got it,,,i really wanna knw how it works if u oil ur hair and then wash it.

  4. They look great on you! I do feel they are a bit on the expensive side.

    What’s the guy doing in the last pic you posted! You should totally edit him out for his lewd action or whatever…LOL

  5. Hi Anshita :) that is really bold of you ;) getting extensions in three colours. I got mine in neon pink last week & trust me not everyone can take it well! But it fun to see people shocked when they look at you for the first time ;)

  6. Those look cool! I love the red ones. I don’t think i’m going to look good on blue hair extensions so i’ll just choose red. You absolutely look gorgeous with those colored hair extensions. They are definitely hip and funky. Way to go girl!

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