Lakme 9to5 Insta Light Instant Glow Creme: Review, Swatches

Review, Swatches, How to Use, Price, Buy Online Lakme 9 to 5 Insta Light Instant Glow Creme

By Contributor: Brototi

The latest in the Lakme 9 to 5 range is the Insta Light Instant Glow Creme with sunscreen, and with the summer heat upon it, I hope this review helps you choose the right protection against the weather. Its supposed to be a light highlighter, bb cream and sunscreen all mixed into one. The new tv ad with Shraddha Kapoor look very promising. You can read the review of their CC cream here. Lets talk about Lakme Insta Light and how I use it.

Lakme Claims: Lakme 9to5 Instant Glow Creme is a fragrant creme with a unique combination of ingredients like mineralized powders and luminizing pearls that ensure an instant glow on the skin. Crafted especially to suit Indian skintones, it seamlessly blends like a crème without making your skin sticky and sets like a powder, giving skin a matte look.

My Review:

To begin with, the lakme cream comes in a handy tube with a thin opening to direct the flow of the crème and not get wasted due to overflow. The outer case claims that it’s a ‘unique glow crème that gives you an instant glow. With luminising pearls and mineral powder you get an instant skin glow styled by an expert, everyday.’

As instructed, I applied 2 dollops on my fingertips and then blended it into my skin with light touches. The first thing that I noticed about the crème is its smell. It has a very flowery yet subtle fragrance that you can’t miss, but doesn’t overpower your senses either. I really loved that!

And after gently applying it on my face and neck, I could feel a marked difference. The instant glow crème is non-sticky and instant gets absorbed by the skin. My skin had that luminous shine that normally occurs after I have had a touch-up of compact powder. After applying my eye and lip make-up, I realized I don’t need to put anything extra on my skin after applying the insta light. It is the perfect base for a day outing. And the added sunscreen protects my skin from the harmful UV rays while making me glow all day long. Come night, and the Lakme Instant Glow Crème also is a great base which provides you with a glowing skin over which you can apply blush on your cheeks to get the party look going!

It is also very easy to reapply if you feel the glow going off, which generally happens if you have sweating due to the summer sun. All you have to do is just take a couple of more dollops, and be it in your office cubicle, while travelling on the metro or even in a washroom, it is really easy to gentle blend it into your skin.

And for Rs.149 for a standard 40g tube, I don’t feel any pinch in my pocket either!

All in all, I really do love Lakme Insta Light, and find it to a worthy buy. And at the price at which it is being marketed, I don’t see any harm in experimenting with it to see if it suits your skin tone. The only major cause of concern for me is that I don’t know the SPF of the sunscreen, so I try not to use it when I know I have a day out in the sun in my schedule, but for regular work, where I need to go from just home to work, and will be out under the sun for say half an hour to forty five minutes, I really do like to apply this insta light crème for getting that pretty glow. Alternatively, it can also be easily used for a night out to get a salon style finish, as advertised in the tube.

The pic is kind of not serving the purpose. You can’t see any difference!

 Pros of the Lakme 9 to 5 Insta Light Instant Glow Creme:

  • It has a really sweet, yet understated smell that makes you feel fresh and flowery all day.
  • It has added sunscreen which means you can say goodbye to the sticky lotions for once and for all.
  • You need a very small portion to apply, which means a tube or two can last the entire summer.
  • The crème makes you literally glow!
  • You don’t need either a base for foundation or a compact touch-up for your everyday outing if you apply this crème.
  • At just Rs149 for a standard sized bottle, it is really inexpensive.
  • The pack is travel friendly and you don’t have to fear its over spilling in your handbag.

Cons of the Lakme 9 to 5 Insta Light Instant Glow Creme:

  • The SPF for the sunscreen is not mentioned, so one can’t be certain how effective will it be against prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.
  • It has just one color, so it might not suit all Indian skin tones. This shade is meant for only fair skin ladies. Would look ashy on darker skin tones.

Price: Rs.149 for 40g

VNA Rating: 4.5/5

Value for Money: 5/5

Buy Online:

Concluding Remarks: To be frank, I really do not like the standard sticky sunscreen lotion and always stay on a look out for non-sticky, easy absorbing substitutes. The Lakmé Insta Light Instant Glow is an amazing option, which not just solves my problem against sticky lotions, but also puts a natural glow in the face without using too many layers of make-up. For that I would recommend you to try out the product and see for yourself whether it is something that suits you. I find the lack of an SPF rating for sunscreen something to be a cautious about, and not try to use it while you are under extreme sunlight, such as at a beach or a full day of outdoor work.

Have you used Lakme 9to5 Insta Light Instant Glow Creme? Share your reviews with us.

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  • Great that it suited up! It proved to be a dud for me though. I'm fair but then to it gives peeling off feeling over my skin even when I just used two dollops. I tried to apply it over moisturised face next, still no wonders. I guess it will suit oily skin more. My combination skin was no where benefited with this. :(

  • Ah! In spite of having oily-skin, I love a little bit of dewy-ness, especially in the dry seasons. Putting this in my winter black book.

  • It's sad that an Indian brand like lakme isn't considering the diversity of Indian skin tones. :(

  • Lakme should have provided some more color options it would have helped...

  • Well my skin tone is oily so it suits me well and i lv it, the smell is so good as u said. but it doesnt suit on dark skin tones cz one of my frnd had used it and she told me it disapointed her. But m pleased


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