Lakme 3 Step Clean Up Fairness Face Wash, Scrub and Mask

Lakmé adds another variant to its easy-to-use professional clean-up range to give you salon-like fresh and fair skin every day – the Lakmé Clean-Up Fresh Fairness Range.

As you go about your day to day life, skin is constantly exposed to pollutants, grime and dust. Pollution, dirt and daily routines make it stressful for your skin, making it look dull and lifeless. A salon clean-up deeply cleanses your skin to remove dirt, pollutants and pore-clogging oil from the epidermis to give you fresh and fair looking skin. Now, with the help of the new Lakmé Clean-Up Fresh Fairness range, you can get salon-like ‘Fresh Fairness. This simple regime helps you restore your skin’s glow and maintain its health

Created by Lakmé experts, Lakmé Clean-Up Fresh Fairness Range is enriched with Glycerin and Vitabeads containing Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Vitamin B3. The antioxidant properties of Vitamin E and C help protect your skin while Vitamin B3 lightens skin tone and minimizes dark spots.

This easy-to-use professional clean-up range comes with three unique new formulations:  a face wash to cleanse all visible dirt, a scrub to remove dead cells and a mask to deposit essential vitamins.  So you can flaunt that fresh fairness, like you’ve stepped out of a salon!

Expert’s Speak  A three step Clean-up is essential for any skin-care regime. It removes impurities from epidermis to give you soft fair skin

     – Daniel Bauer, Lakmé Expert

The Lakmé Fresh Fairness Ritual: 
A professional weekly regime for salon-like clean up

Step 1:  FACE WASH                          

Cleanse your face with Lakmé Clean-Up Fresh Fairness Face Wash. This facewash removes visible dirt and impurities preparing your skin for a deep cleansing experience. Enhanced by glycerine and Vitabeads,  this facewash moisturizes your skin keeping it clean, fresh and visibly fair.

•  Squeeze a coin sized amount on your palms and lather up

•  Gently massage your wet face for 30-60 seconds

•  Rinse with lukewarm water
•  Use it at least twice a day for clean, fresh and fair skin

Available in 50gm and 100gm for Rs. 90 and Rs 160 respectively

Step 2SCRUB            

Scrub your face and neck with Lakmé Clean-Up Fresh Fairness Scrub.  This scrub exfoliates deadcells and removes excess oil. Enriched with Vitabeads, walnut shell powder & apricot extracts it helps unclog pores, remove blackheads and restores your skin’s fairness.

  • Squeeze out sufficient amount of the face scrub to cover your face and neck
  • Gently massage for 2-3 minutes in circular motion with fingertips, avoiding eye contour
  • Concentrate around problem areas like nose, chin and forehead
  • Rinse thoroughly and pat dry
  • Use it twice a week, as required to get deeply clean and smooth skin.

Available in 50gm and 100gm at Rs. 110 and Rs.225 respectively

Step 3: MASK
Indulge in the Lakmé Clean-Up Fresh Fairness Glow Mask with its nourishing nutrients that help in de-tanning. The absorbing power of clay present in the mask helps tighten pores and glycerin soothes your skin.

•  Squeeze out a generous amount of mask and apply a thin film on your face and neck. Avoid the eye contour.
•  Allow it to dry for 5 to 7 minutes. Dab with water to soften it and gently rinse off
•  Use it once a week, to get soft supple skin with fresh fairness

Available in 50gm and 100gm at Rs. 110 and Rs.225 respectively

I’m just counting the number of brands that have come up with this 3 step kinda kinda routine. I think Garnier launched one last year. And later Nivea did too. And now Lakme. Btw these were launched a month back so they are in the market already.

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