Kryolan Ikonic Gel Liner Pencil – The Truth Behind It

 Yesterday Lee and I were analyzing the makeup industry and studying the recent trends in the market…yeahh as if! So we were discussing the latest PC Pitbull thing (Pardesi babu ne iss desi dil ko maan liya hai…really? really??

when she told me she had an     appointment with her eye doctor.  Apparently the Kryolan Ikonic Gel Eye Liner pencils (that have taken the Indian beauty blogging scene by storm) gave her an allergy.

It made her eyes red and watery everytime she used it. I was really surprised. I mean what could possibly be wrong about the famous Kryolan Ikonic pencils. But then she told me Kryolan neither manufactures those pencils nor owns them. They are made by this German company called Schwan Cosmetics. She later went to the Kryolan store in Delhi and had a long chat with the MUAs there. They had no clue about them either. You can’t find them at their website too.

So that makes me wonder the truth behind it. If Kryolan doesn’t own them then why are they being marketed with their brand name.  What do you think about the whole scene? I just thought I would put it up here and let you girls know. Have you ever had a bad experience with these gel eye liner pencils?

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  • even my eyes sting when i use this pencil.. but i always thought my eyes are extra sensitive.. but are you sure its the case? kryolan outlet sells this. wouldnt they be aware of their stock?

        • yes surprisingly dcey are available at d mumbai counter but d Delhi one disowns dem

          • i checked my pencil.. n on it, its mentioned 'manufactured by Schwan cosmetics'.. now i m nt sure whether i wanna use it

          • Also it clearly mentions for any info we can drop a mail at . Kryolan isnt mentioned anywhere.It is surprising that the mumbai store stocks them and is selling them as manufactured by Kryolan!

  • Schwan cosmetics is the same company that manufactures Faces and Colorbar eye fact that's why I didn't bother to get the Ikonic ones thinking they'd probably be the same quality... but I've never had any problem with those two brands!

  • They are simply fab... One of the best eyeliner i have use.. be it pigmentation, texture or staying power... everything is excellent... :D

  • they're bogus! I've also had a word with the MUA's at the Delhi store, and these pencils are NOT owned or endorsed by kryolan... but apparently their mumbai store stocks them :\
    logic says that if these pencils were really endorsed by Kryolan, they'd be sold at all stores across the nation... but whatever it is, I guess these pencils are best avoided... it's the eyes, afterall!

    • exactly..its d eyes so better avoid dem . if kryolan doesnt own dem..why should we :P

  • i do know tat ikonic ones are not manufactured by kryolan.. nor does kryolan market them as theirs.. wonder how it spread in the market with the kryolan tag! :D

    schwan cosmetics is a leading eyeliner manufacturer.. hv seen even lakme absolute & nyx pencils carry its name as the manufacturer! :)

  • Ikonic pencils are not meant for the waterline unless you have super awesome eyes that don't get irritated. Same as the Faces Long wear ones. Schwan is a very reputed brand that makes pencils for Lakme, Faces, Colorbar, Amway and many other brands. Basically they make pencils and package them according to the brand's needs. They even make drawing pencils! :D I don't know why Kryolan sells them but I like them and will keep using them but like I said, not on the waterline. :) I don't think they are bogus at all.

  • when they had just got famous, i was really excited to try them but everyone at the delhi store sais they had never even heard of them! i was quite shocked n went some days later n diff MUA same answer! have stayed away since then! anything which has such a confusion, doesnt really seem right!

  • Ikonic gel eyeliner are surely not mfd by KRYOLAN. And only one Kryolan store in Mumbai sell those eye pencils and not the other KRYOLAN Stores elsewhere( i have tried that). Also the pencils belong to a german manufacturer SCHWAN Cosmetics who manufactures other cosmetic brands ..

    However, I <3 Ikonic eye pencils ... its the only pencil that stays on my waterline. :)

  • That's quite some news..i swear these fake products are just taking the fame of the brand name :(


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