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Kerastase Hair Challenge: Day 2

You know what is the most funniest comment I’ve ever got? If you read my Day 1 of hair challenge
then you must remember the before-after photo I posted. So someone shared it on facebook and the people commented that those were two different girls! Now really those comments were so much fun to read. So this time I tried to keep my clothes same…..for all those who thought those were 2 girls!

hair oil best
photograph taken just after shampoo without combing

So today is the Day 2 of my Kerastase Elixir Ultime challenge. Last time I tried the oil as a conditioner over damp hair. This time I used it as a pre-wash treatment. I took 2 full pumps of the oil and applied on my hair from roots to tips. And then shampooed the hair like I do normally.
Unlike other hair oils which need atleast 2-3 rinses to wash off completely this one was easy to wash out in just one go. But other than that there were not much visible differences.
I took the 1st photo after shampoo on hair which were not treated with the elixir. The 2nd photo is again after shampoo but on hair which were treated with the elixir 2hrs before washing. And both the times I didn’t use my hair conditioner.
There was not much difference I could see. My hair still had tangles and everything pretty much remained the same.  May be because it doesn’t have high stickiness properties like normal oils which tame the frizz. Its like 2 full pumps of the precious oil gone down the drain. I don’t recommend using the elixir ultime as a pre-wash treatment.
Stay tuned for Day 3…and this time I will be pretty quick!

7 thoughts on “Kerastase Hair Challenge: Day 2”

  1. I love your hair !! With or without Kerastase. What all do you do to keep it like that? Would love it if you could detailed post on that :)

  2. I had a similar experience. I used it as a pre-wash treament and did not see any visible difference. It was better as a leave in conditioner.


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