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Kerastase Elixir Ultime – Liquid Gold?

I had always wanted to try Kerastase Elixir Ultimate ever since I read Rajnikanth’s daughter Aishwarya swears by it (pun intended). Foreign readers who don’t know (how can you NOT know Rajni), people here in India treat Rajnikanth as God. Now I’ve been using it from a month and ready for the review. This daddy of hair oils is supposed to be used in 5 different ways:

1. Pre-hair wash treatment (like a hair oil)
2. After wash treatment (like you use conditioner on damp hair)
3. Daily Essential (from mid-length to the tips)
4. Heat Protectant (like you use hair serums before blow drying or any heat styling method)
5. Finishing Touch (as a last step before going out to add instant shine)

Now, in the coming days I’ll be doing a hair challenge where I’ll be daily posting before-after photos with each of the application method along with my experience. At the end, I’ll do a round-up and talk about the way I like using it best. Why so much of effort? Well since the price of Rs.2200 is on the higher side, we need to know if its worth splurging!

The packaging (if you are a regular reader, you know I rarely talk about the packaging) is so thoughtful that I’ve to talk about it. It comes with the pump with a secure cap. The plastic bottle looks bejeweled while it sits on your dresser. It feels like you have something very royal and powerful and luxurious. The secret is the inner label which has this diamond cut design that catches light and bounces back a bright reflection through the bottle. Needless to say, its travel-friendly too.

It’s a blend of 4 precious oils: Pracaxi Oil (known for its conditioning properties), Argan Oil (Now we know this is among the rarest oils in the world, and its famous for its nourishing properties. Also the main ingredient of Moroccan oil), Maize Oil, Camellia Oil ( a luxurious fragrant oil extracted from camellia flowers). And this one does have silicone in it, in case you are one of those who have problems with makeup or hair care products with silicone in it.

The texture is very light, almost gel like with a somewhat runny consistency. You apply it on hair and its gone. Nobody can tell you are wearing a hair oil. My hair reach a little below my waist and 2 pumps are enough for me. After a month, 90% of the product is still left and I expect it to go for some 6 months or so.

it comes with a pump which you can lock

Look out for the Hair Challenge. Stay tuned!
Updated: A lot of you asked about the availability of the Kerastase products. They basically sell through their salons. To locate the nearest salon near you, click HERE.

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13 thoughts on “Kerastase Elixir Ultime – Liquid Gold?”

  1. sounds like a nice product. And your idea of this hair challenge is goooood. :)
    will wait for the review now..

  2. nice concept and I just love the bottle, waiting for the methods of use, so that I too can splurge :)


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