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Kerastase Elixir Ultime GRAND CRUS

kerastase elixir
Kerastase Elixir Ultime GRAND CRUS

The best wines and champagnes are called “Grands Crus” in french. Well that’s exactly what Kerastase has done. They have launched 3 more luxurious oils made from the rarest and best of ingredients. The Grands Crus range is a fusion of the award-winning Elixir Ultime (which is being sold every two minutes in the world) and more beautifying extracts. Each formula is tailor-made to specific hair needs, so everyone would be able to find an elixir suited for their hair type. And guess what, each scent of each variant has been inspired by luxurious French perfumes!

You already know my love for the original Kerastase Elixir Ultime which for the sake of simplicity I call “liquid gold” (whats up with such long names!). I’ve extensively reviewed the oil and posted a lot of before-after photos.

The original Kerastase Elixir Ultime Oleo Complex (yes the yellow bottle!) is made of:
1. Pracaxi Oil – Originating from the Amazonian regions contains active anti-oxidants.
2. Argan Oil – One of the rarest oils in the world from Morocco known for its reparative and regenerative properties.
3. Maize Oil – The star ingredient in Kerastase’s first ever hair mask, “Masque Mais” Rich in vitamins A, E, and Omega 6.
4. Camellia Oil – Extracted from Camellia flowers in Asia, this oil is a source of Vitamin F and fatty acids, and Omegas 3 & 6.

kerastase oil
Kerastase Elixir Ultime GRAND CRUS – the 4 luxurious hair oils

Each oil is targeted towards a unique hair issue.

Scent: Infused with a delicate floral scent with hints of fragrant freshness

For Fine & Sensitised Hair

  • A unique rose famed for its exceptional restorative and regenerative powers.
  • Rich in Vitamin E and protects the hair from UV radicals.
  • Light in texture.
  • Floral & fruity scent.

RESULT: Fine hair feels regenerated, nourished and soft.

Scent: Evokes a woody oriental fragrance blended with sharp notes of citrus
For Damaged Hair

  • Enriched with nutrients from the renowned Moringa Tree.
  • Famed for its resilience and ability to concentrate the best ingredients in the most challenging climatic conditions.
  • Rich in Vitamins A & C with intense concentrations of calcium, iron and magnesium.
  • Flowery and warmly scented.

RESULT: Damaged hair instantly feels replenished and nourished

Scent: Created with a soft floral scent, delicately balanced with invigorating fruity notes
For Colour Treated Hair

  • The rarest of its kind, this rare tea is enriched with the purest antioxidants nature can offer.
  • Free radicals have a damaging effect on the hair fibre and can accelerate ageing. By harnessing the powerful anti-oxidants, flavonoids and epigallocatechins hair is protected against these destructive forces.
  • White tea helps the hair remain radiant and glossy.
  • Light, floral and freshly scented.

RESULT: Coloured treated hair is protected, reflecting light and radiance.

All four variants are versatile, here’s how to use the Elixir Ultime:

1. Pre-cleanse: Apply one pump of product to sections of brushed hair, massage gently. Add small amount of water to emulsify then rinse. Shampoo your hair, no need to apply conditioner, massage then rinse thoroughly.
2. Intensive conditioning: Towel-dry hair then apply one pump of Elixir Ultimate through mid-lengths and ends. Do not rinse.
3. Pre-blow dry: On towel-dried hair, apply one pump of Elixir Ultime through mid-lengths and ends. Blow dry as usual
4. Finishing: Work a small amount of Elixir Ultime into the ends of the hair to smooth and control. Do not rinse
5. Retouch: Apply throughout the day to dry hair that needs added control and nourishment.

I’ve a good news for all the readers of Vanity No Apologies! Its gonna be LEGEN…wait for it….DARY!
Meanwhile go check my review on the oil here

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  1. Seem great…but are these elixrs pure oil blends or do they have loads of silicones in them too?

    Waiting for the LEGENDARY good news…don’t make us wait too long pls.


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