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Katrina Kaif – Ek Thi Tigeress?

katrina ek tha tiger
Katrina Kaif

After Sonakshi Sinha and Aishwarya Rai, if there is someone I utterly dislike from Bollywood then it is Katrina Kaif. Then why am I writing about her in the first place? Because you talk about people you hate then the people you love, as the popular saying goes. Okay not really. I’ve this blog where I write about all things I love and hate

don’t love.

All those reality shows loves must have seen Ms.Kaif on DID Li’l Masters. I don’t watch the show but I do hear voices from the other room while I’m working on my laptop. The thing is Katrina has this mother-son appeal. All the mommys like her (such a “susheel and sharmili” ladki she is ). And ofcouse all the sons love her. All my guy friends except for one ADORE Katrina Kaif. Why Why Why! And all the girls I meet dislike her from the core…the reasons may be different but yes I have yet to come across a girl who likes her. And the biggest compliment a girl can get is being admired by her girlfriends. So Katrina fails miserably (yes!).

salman katrina ek tha tiger
left: Saman Khan right: Katrina Kaif

Anyhoo she is sporting a green Bebe dress here with a green belt. The look is kept simple and blah blah. What do I do? She is so boring to write about!

Katrina Kaif makeup
Katrina Kaif in DID Li’l Masters

The makeup is kept neutral with nude eyes, black liner and sheer nude lip gloss. But what’s up with the lighter foundation dude?

I saw her wearing this short red dress with an interesting neckline in the movie trailers and that got me googling. Upon closer investigation, it seems to be Warehouse dress. Like it!

katrina Kaif ek tha tiger
Katrina Kaif in a red dress in Ek Tha Tiger

What are your thoughts on Katrina Kaif in general?

11 thoughts on “Katrina Kaif – Ek Thi Tigeress?”

  1. love the red dress <3 <3 . . .andd i adore katrina . . something about her that makes even skimpiest and cheapest or fugliest clothes look good . .

  2. nope, me too not love her…but, one thing I would give her is that she can carry all kinds of clothes really well except I guess bikinis coz I remember that boom scene which was baddddddd!!!
    and, yeah, totally agree with the boring thing…her face bores me!!

  3. I dont like her much either. And so agree with Sonam Kapoor’s remark over her. Senseless movies(rajneeti had a greater thing about ranbir arjun and the males if one watches closely).
    And yes, rly boring face. The same look everywhere. No bolds to comment on..no color..no winged liners to talk about. Even her clothes. Somehow they look “cheap”..not well suited to a celebrity’ stayus. Same hair. No bun pony twist curls ..nothing!
    Then her way-too poised polished sanskari act she puts up.very unnatural somehow. And the lighter foundation might be to put up the “gori chamdi” like image..wahi, that I am a foreigner! image going-on(probably one of the reasons men liking her). Her movies snd the expressions_ utter nautanki like. She’s over-paid for wasteful reasons, I feel.
    She has a great body(and she over-workouts for that as we’ll know) and fits any cloth. So?
    That happens to be my ‘thoughts’ on her

  4. @ishy first of all ishy i would like to say we are sisters! those are exactly my thoughts..yayyyy! lets have this hate katrina club :P
    looking forward to more such comments from u :P

  5. I think the complete opposite of u guys. I think her simplicity is her beauty. She is a role model to me. I live in a foreign country too. She has done nothing wrong. U don’t have to sport cute hairstyles and make-up looks to be an attractive personality. Ur character counts more than clothes or jewellery. Her looks are simple and elegant and If I might remind u, thousands of girls look up to her as a new personality. Juat because you don’t follow new trends or wear new design clothing everyday doesn’t mean u aren’t stylish. Many people who wear designer clothes don’t get as much praise as someone who wears what suits them and what they like to wear. But I respect ur opinion. Her Hindi may not be great but she is a great person and that’s what counts.

  6. I am a dying hard fan of Katrina Kaif. With her success from hardwork and simple beauty she broke every records…my beautiful barbie doll


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