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Katrina Kaif Cannes 2015 Dresses, Makeup, Red Hair: What Went Wrong


Katrina Kaif Cannes debut Review: 2 Outfits, Red Hair, Makeup Breakdown

By Contributor: Ananya

For those of us lucky enough to visit the south of France in the summer, could life get any more exciting? The L’Oreal Brand Ambassadors Katrina Kaif, Sonam Kapoor and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan attended the coveted event at Cannes 2015  and left us drooling at the surreal experience. Let’s have a look at what Katrina had in store for her Cannes debut this year. We have talked about Aishwarya in detail and Sonam is next. But for now let’s review the red carpet looks of Katrina Kaif. I think Katrina’s make-over was long over-due. Don’t you agree?

She has been treading the “safe zone” for as long as I can remember; the same hair colour and hair-do, the same make up and her patent and unchanging sartorial picks. Boring! Its good o see her drifting away from her comfort zone and trying something new and refreshing. Did she make a sweeping statement at her debut at the 68th Cannes Film Festival? Let’s find out.

Katrina Kaif in Red Hair on Day 1 at Cannes 2015


For media interviews on day one, Katrina pulled off a surprisingly splendid look. She wore a Milly ’15 monochrome  black and white panelled blouse with a sheer cut-out near the waist. She paired it up with a layered white skirt with an asymmetrical draping flow. A pair of Manolo Blahniks completed the effortless look.

Her new Ombre red hair fell to a side with a slightly off middle parting. She once again opted for the nude lips and smokey eyes. I can say , okay, this was her usual “safe zone” again but there was an exception. She managed to pull off a stunner with the entire ensemble. Her bronzed out skin tone with the sheer translucence of her layered skirt added a sensual edge over the otherwise elegant outfit. She kept her accessories to the minimum and opted for a wide bracelet that sat snugly on her wrist.

Katrina Kaif at Cannes 2015 in Oscar de la Renta: Smokey Eyes, Nude Lips


Later in the day she changed in to an Oscar de la Renta gown for her debut on the red carpet during the opening ceremony. Kaif wore her red locks on one side. No doubt she was looking elegant and well-balanced out in that strapless ensemble, but… umm…the dress?? If you look closely, you might be able to unearth what the detailing is all about…but..from a distance, it’s just too confused. It just looks like tufts of black wool have woven together and sewn in. The addition is asymmetrical so if you are one who loves symmetry in all things, you will easily get heavily distracted trying to figure out what’s with the dress. And that’s never a good thing.

Though the gown sits elegantly in her frame and accentuates her figure to a great extent, her hair and make up balancing out what ever is missing in that dress, but I can frankly admit, there is something about that dresss I can’t put my finger on. Oscar de la Renta? His designs are amazing..even divine. But this one looks like its a cross between a shabby corset added to a petticoat and a salvaged sweater that was probably chewed up by the designer’s dog. And for heaven’s sake, what are those antennae thingy sticking out of it?! How could she pick this boring thing for her Cannes debut?!

But I must say she did a reasonably okay task of pulling it off. Not a stunner but not completely bad as well. I wish she would do something new. The make-over isn’t helping much here. It just seems so typical and boring (again). Even though she looked beautiful, I wish she would just take a leap and experiment a little. The hair colour does not seem to mesh well with the outfit. I guess that’s what’s making the dress look worse.

Katrina Kaif at Cannes 2015 Red Carpet in Elie Saab: Red Hair, Red Lips, Red Gown, Red Cheeks


Day 2 at Cannes, saw Katrina departing from her signature nude lips and smokey eyes.  She forayed into the domain of bright red lips and sleek straight hair parted in the middle. She wore a red, belted Elie Saab gown

.  Now, I know, girls, red does transform and it’s such a pretty red lace on that. But it was such a red carpet-y red. It almost looked like a camouflage outfit on the red carpet because all you could see was her face, and her fingers. She did look elegant and beautiful because of her awesome features and stature, but she was so stiff! I don’t know if it’s just me but isn’t she looking like she’s feeling miserable in that dress? The passion and aura of the red does not seem to transcend the look on her face.

If you like red lipstick then my bet is on L’Oreal Paris Pure Scarleto or Pure Rouge.

Not so much of a spectacular debut, I must say. But what do you girls think of it? Yay or Nay, to Katrina’s Cannes debut this year?

Which is your favourite look of Katrina Kaif at Cannes 2015? Share your reviews with us.