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Kareena Kapoor At The Sony Vaio Launch

Kanika mailed these photos to be featured here on VNA. Thanks! These are from the latest Sony Vaio launch. I have a love-hate relationship with Kareena Kapoor i.e I hate her but I lover her fashion sense. Is that possible?

If I have to define her look for the even in one word then it has to be sophisticated. The black number with sheer neckline looks flattering on her unlike some other people who study fashion

but have no sense whatsoever (I’m talking about you Sonakshi Sinha). I cannot see much of the shoes but they look good. I always stress that go easy on accessories in summers and Kareena seems to read this blog!

In terms of makeup and hair, she scores again. I’m all for sleek high ponytails (I just wish I could do it on my hair but those layers :\ ). The makeup is so her (remember her makeup jo na lage made up commercial?). So shall we assume she is wearing something from the Lakme Absolute range? :P

Copy the look by lining your eyes with a smudge free kohl, I suggest Mac Smolder. Tightline the upper lash line with the same kohl. Add a wash of a colour closer to your natural skin colour all over your lid and define the crease with a dark brown shadow. Line your eyes with a black gel liner like Maybelline Gel Liner and add some falsies and apply a voluminous mascara like Maybelline Colossal Volume Mascara. Fill in your brows with a dark brown shadow and your eyes are done. Apply an earthy peach blush on cheeks like Mac Gingerly. Highlight the bridge of your nose, temples and cheeckbones with a powder highlighter like Lakme Absolute Moonlit Highlighter

. Wear a mlbb (my lips but better) lipstick of your choice and apply a hint of lip gloss in the center of the lips. Taddaaa you are done! So much makeup it takes too look ‘not made up’!

If I’ve to find a fault in the look then it had to be the nail paint! What do you think about her look?

3 thoughts on “Kareena Kapoor At The Sony Vaio Launch”

  1. I am fan of her high cheek bones, pony tail and those eyes of course!! “Sistaahs” again for that Love/Hat relationship with Kareena Kappoor.

    — one more name Aishwarya Rai in the list of Love/Hate relationship… dunno if you have the same with her too.
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